Posted by: SisuGirl | March 10, 2007

How that post got titled

Two things before I start:
#1) I think that wordpress titles posts for you when you forget. Thats why my last was 77. No design of mine, thankyouverymuch.

#2) This post starts personal and then goes into knitting. I just need to get this off my mind.

Ever been the “single” among friends at the movies? Awkward, isnt it? Last night, I went to see 300 with some friends and, since J is fishing, was the single. Now, I really like P and his girlfriend, who I met for the first time last night, is perfect for him. He really deserves a great girl and she is. Just the presence of them together made me jealous and I couldnt understand why at first. I have no romantic attraction to him and P really is just my best friend and really, I am so happy for him for finding his girlfriend. She and I talked a bit last night and it just made me feel even happier for him because she is sweet, beautiful person. No, its not a jealous because I want him for myself, it is a jealous because J is fishing and I miss him so much. I never minded being the single when I was single because I could watch the couples and learned what I was looking for for myself. I ended up going home early instead of hanging out with the group because I missed J and just wanted to call him. I have been feeling lonely lately and I realised, with both personal refelction and talks with P, that I really need a bigger town with a night life that doesnt revolve around the bar. I need friends and with the job I have now, co-workers are it and P is the only co-worker my age with the same days off. It makes me feel OK that my job may disappear next year and though I love Sitka, I need to have a job that has “normal” hours (more like 9-5 ish) and a town that doesnt shut down at 7pm. I do have some possibilities in Southeast which is good and, of course, the fishing fallback! J and I have talked and he too understands about my lonelyness and neither of us want that for each other. There are so many changes in the next few months and I really wish I knew what will happen but, as I have said before, thank goodness that God knows.

OK, back to the knitting! I have been cableing without a needle for the past few rounds on Mariah but then, that odd cable came across my path. It orientated like this before the cable: KKPKK. The instructions are to: sl 3 sts to cn, back, k2, sl p st back to l needle and p it, k2 from cn. Trying to do that withOUT a cable needle…not as easy as anything else. I think I must have reorientated those darn stitches 10 different times before I got it right without twisting it to hell and back and I’ll be darned if I can remember how I did it. Only 10 more rows before I can try it again 🙂

I turned the heel of J’s second sock of his second pair yesterday while I was subbing. I know, gasp in astonishment and dismay, but really, when you have a really good class and they know the routine AND you are not a new person to them and they know just how much BS you will take, subbing is really easy. Add to that 20 mins of SSR and 50 mins of Of Mice and Men, there is very little a sub must interact with the kids. Since I know the pattern for J’s socks by heart and finger, I rarely need to look at the work so really, my eyes rarely left the students 🙂


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