Posted by: SisuGirl | July 21, 2008

Creating Habits

Life, to me, is all about those little and not so little habits that we have created for ourselves.  They are the things that we do without having to think about it and they mean so much to us and our lives.  Since I have moved and started a new job, I have had to create and get working on some new habits.  Some are ones that I have had for years and want to continue, others are ones that are getting broken and then rebuilt.

#1?  A Sisu habit.  In Pelican, my job was fluid enough that I could be home at many different hours of the day and I was generally only gone for 4 at a time.  We could go for walks/runs and play on the tide flats pretty much whenever we wanted to (depending, of course on the tide!) Now?  Work is 4 hours, lunch break and then 4 more.  I can and have been gone for 9 hours at a stretch and that is a long time for us.  She has no potty issues for a day of being gone and has lots of toys but it still isnt the same for either of us.  I have been making it up in the evenings and on the weekends.  I have mentioned that there is a dog park across the street and she loves to romp and play there.  We go every evening just as soon as I can change my shoes and grab the treats 🙂 Did I hear you say ‘Treat’?

What I REALLY want and need for her is also getting into a morning walk/run routine.  I am definetly more of a morning person but havent gotten a shift down yet because last week was the first of my new job 🙂 But now, going into my second, I am more than ready for my own morning run!

#2 Blogging more regularly.  As  you can tell, there has been quite a bit of time between blog posts and honestly, I hate that.  I really want to be faithful to you, my readers, and post more often so I am going to reserve that time in the mornings after my shower and with my tea to update you all.

#3 Knitting.  What? You didnt think that I could leave off the knitting, did you?  I have more than enough on my needles at this very moment to keep me happy for quite a while.  Don’t believe me?  Well, and




*Ahem* Yes, well, thats all.  And, If I’m being honest, I have the yarn for another yoke sweater too.  Eco Wool and this beautiful handpaint from a local Alaskan artist.

Speaking of handpainting, I need to get back into dyeing but I think that its going to have a wait just a bit longer as I have so much work to do and that HAS to be ready for student staff training.  As soon as the school year begins I will have more time to dye but, for anyone who is waiting for more to come into stock, I’m really sorry but it will be at least another 2 weeks.  I’m trying, really, to get it all under control but this job change was a wrench in a very important system that I am trying to get back.

I blame my mother on my need to have a system!  I thank her too so it all evens out!

I shall leave you with moose calves…they were out my window the other morning and Sisu alerted me at 6:30am that something was amiss.  I got to see them thanks to her.  She also went back to bed shortly after seeing them and realising that they were OK and supposed to be there!



  1. Post something NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look all the time and their hasn’t been anything for awhile and I like to look at the new pictures!!


  2. Geez, it’s not like you’re busy or anything…can’t you post something?

    Besides your awesome socks? 🙂

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