Posted by: SisuGirl | March 8, 2007

I know that mel will get a laugh out of something that happened today. I was sitting with P, chatting about work and life and his new girlfriend over cups of chai and a bagel. We have some pauses and ‘good’ quiet time in anytime that we hang out and he looked at me while I was zoning out in a moment of unknown future contemplation and said, “What is it? You look pensive.” Without a moments thought I replied with, “Damn. I was going for thoughtful.”

Hope everyone has a good reason to smile today. I know that I made myself laugh and then so did P when I got a hold of myself and explained it to him 🙂

On the knitting front, I am home sitting again for J’s dad and this means that I have to take and leave a project there for nightly knitting. I chose Mariah and I am well into the cables in the sleeve. At first I was freaking out over the idea of not using a cable needle for the cables but after doing only one row with the needle, I knew that that particular technique would be workin’ for me. So, once more into the breech dear friends. I tried and I think that I have been converted for just about every cables that I will be doing in the future. There is only one that I have come across that I wantthe needle for but since I am writing this in my dorm room and the pattern is at the house, I cant elaborate…sorry! I still love this pattern and love the yarn still. Hopefully I can still say this in the next few weeks as the sleeve gets longer and then I have to CO and do it again!!!!

BTW, If ANYONE knows of a good Celtic knot cable pattern online that is completely independant, please let me know. I have lots of cable patterns but I have a project in my head that needs a knot that starts and stops without having a travelling connecting cable. TIA!



  1. You know it! I got a GREAT laugh out of it!! 🙂

    “I’m down, I’ve got the 411 – you are not going out and getting jiggy with some boy, I don’t care how dope his ride is. My mama didn’t raise no foo’!”

    Cabling w/out a cable needle rocks (and has saved my sanity!) I can’t wait to see your Mariah!

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