Posted by: SisuGirl | September 4, 2008

Alive and Well

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know that it has been quite some time between my last post and now but there also has been a lot going on too.  Both physically and in my head.

Head and heart-wise, well, I am still getting that all figured out.  It always seems that I am living “Plan B” so I guess that I shouldnt be so surprised that the rug is gone again from under me and I have to create a new Plan B but I didnt think that I would have to be creating a whole new plan for my life in it.  In the past, I have never planned as far in advance as I had this time.  I mean, I really did have the rest of my life roughly sketched out, centering on J and our life together in Pelican.  Now that that is gone, I really have to start over from nothing and I really have no clue what I want to do, go or be…so pray for me.  I have no ideas but just like they teach you in AA, “one day at a time” and from this too I will recover.

Sisu is my source of joy and gets me out of bed in the mornings and makes me happy tocome home each night so I am greatful to have her by my side, though she seemed to know that I was upset and started to snuggle closer in bed and has taken over the opposite side now, including pillow space.  Spoilt little dog.  She is getting regular walkies around the park and we have both made some good friends there.  Its a good place for both of us.  You may know how Mums at a park relate to each other by their kid stories; thats what we dog parents do at the dog park.  And we all know the different dogs but have a hard time with each others name!  “Oh look!  Its Sisu and her Mum!”  Yeah.  Well, we say that its socialisation for the dogs but we all know and agree that its socialisation for us as people too.  If you think about it, we very rarely have a chance to meet and talk with other people outside of a work or friends environment.  At the dog park, most people dont know each other very well or have a history.  We can be who we really are without fear of A)seeing the person again in a formal setting or B)having to talk to anyone that you dont really want to.  Granted, you always have those people at the dog or people park who like to give you all the advice in the world about raising your dog, but just like when they give advice about raising kids, you smile, nod and then talk about the smarty-boots over there who just had the gall to tell you how to raise your *fur*baby with your nearest walkies friend.

I know some of you *coughJanynecough* want pictures but I havent yet been able to take and upload any without looking at all the old ones that J and I took together and of each other without crying and getting really sad so new pictures will have to wait for a bit.  I know that its OK to cry and it is because of all those experiences together that I am the person that I am now, but its still difficult.  One day soon I will sit down with a friend and tell them the stories and cry and then move and save all the pictures to a file that is separate from the main iPhoto…soon, I promise.

Work has been hectic with all the fun of the start of school and excitement of check in.  I had my first experiance with a keg on campus.  Lucky for us and them that it was before any of it was consumed 🙂  but it will be interesting to see what the sanctions are for the people involved.  Lucky for me it wasnt my resident and will not be my case to handle.  Please, no one in East or Templewood get any ideas like that!!!  I love my staff members and I am very happy with what they are programming and planning for their own residents as well as I am greatful that I have each and every one of them as my own staff members.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.  Have a pint for me to celebrate the weekend 🙂



  1. I wish we lived closer, we’d love to hang out and try to help you feel better. I also found some of your books here that I borrowed last year, should I mail them up to you? Study Skill and Confident Student somethingrather… Let me know. and say Hi to Sisu from Koira

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