Posted by: SisuGirl | March 11, 2007

Because of Google

I have decided to post about the top 10 reasons that I love Xtra-Tuffs. Why? Because when P was searching for material to use as a filler because he and the other JV’s were hosting the Monthly Grind (a Sitka tradition for all), MY blog came up in the top 3 within the search of Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Xtra Tuffs. Weird. Made him laugh too, especially since he wasnt sure that knittingfisher was me until he read a bit more 🙂 Onwards with the list:

#10) Brown goes with everything.
#9) We get a fair bit of rain.
#8) The floor of the P-bar. Enough said.
#7) Nothing says Southeast more clearly.
#6) They are an aphrodisiac to and for fishermen.
#5) Its hard to match anything else with orange waterproofs.
#4) The smell of new rubber is better than diesel.
#3) Knee high boots are sexy.
#2) Snow + Rain + No car = Winter Slush Walks
#1) If they werent rubber, fish gurrey would have to be an aphrodisiac as well.

Not quite as funny as Letterman but hey, not too bad for a chick with only one joke in her repetoire, if I do say so myself. Sure there are other boots out there but none that you will see seriously on anyone around here!


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