Posted by: SisuGirl | October 2, 2007

A feeling of peace

With all the people leaving Pelican and me working for the seaplanes, life has been hectic to say the least, completely insane and chaotic to say the most.  J’s mom left on the plane yesterday so now it is just J, his brother E and I left in the house that once held 3 more people.  E will be leaving in about a month when his job here ends to go be a snowboarding bum in Juneau and considering his hard work this past summer, I would too!  Quiet is coming and I welcome it.  J just finished with longlining and recoiling all the used gear so he is all done with fishing for at least 2 weeks…until winter Kings open again on the 15th!  It never ends but we are happy and always welcome the extra money.

Knitting front?  Well, I have made an executive decision on my Rogue.  I tried it on when I finished the shoulders and was about to set into the hood, after I had already unpicked and re-knit the hem facing and…it still didnt fit the way I really wanted it to.  It was just a bit too tight, even with gauge off.  I would wear it though it would be under something always and I really didnt want to do that to such a beautiful sweater.  I know quite a few ladies at SnB that would love it and fit it well but I just couldnt sell it and want to knit another in the same colour.  SO…I am frogging as I knit and reknitting directly from the exsisting sleeveless sweater into the new one 🙂  I dont have a ball winder of my own and the idea of frogging, skeining, rinsing, drying and rewinding all 540 yards made me tired and not want to do it anymore.  So I didnt and wont.  It didnt take me all that long to knit it to there, maybe 2 weeks, so it hasnt been in the knit for very long so I am not concerned that the yarn will be too kinky and mess up my already off gauge by too much!

Socks went by the wayside as I worked on the sweater for a while and I am knitting on them like mad now.  2 pairs are gifts so they need to be done soon and I really, really want to do a pair of knee socks for myself.  I have promised myself that I am not casting on anymore socks until I finish the ones that I have on already.  Thats 3 pairs that need to be done and only one has the 1st sock done, one is half picked up for the 1st sock of the gussett and one is 1/3 the way done with the leg of the 1st.   Wow…do I have a ways to go.

And did I mention that I joined the Hill Country Yarns second round of a sock design contest?


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