Posted by: SisuGirl | September 28, 2007

Does anyone else?

Does anyone else have frost on their deck today? I did and I nearly fell on my butt taking Sisu out for morning potties. The upside of this is that it means that it is clear and sunny this morning to match the stars we had last night. And that means it wont rain today but blow like crazy starting about 11am.

Does anyone else know how hard it is to rip out a hem facing? I must have spent 2 hours picking and pulling and then ended up with so many little “U”s of yarn that I had to pull out the shop-vac! But I must say that it will be worth it in the end because I will have a Rogue that I can wear and enjoy. Yes, its going to be a bit on the snug side but there are a few ladies in town who will be happy to hear it and offered already to take it off my hands. It might get sold for the cost of new yarn and shipping but it also may be the #1 sweater I wear to layer with my snug long-sleeve T’s that I have from Old Navy. I dont mind snug as long as it looks good 🙂



  1. No frost yet, but our mornings are dipping down into the low 50’s and we get some pretty good fog.

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