Posted by: SisuGirl | June 20, 2008

Move it, Move it!

I used to have a pretty physically demanding job with the seaplane service simply because I had to haul the cart with, generally, 600 pounds of stuff on it.  For about 1/4 of a mile to the post office and then back to the office.  And 600 pounds is the general weight.  It was 1100 yesterday, not even joking.  Either way, its not such a physical job anymore because we got a ATV.  Early on in the ownership of this new toy, a fisherman who I am not particularly close to quipped, “You are going to have to run more and workout harder to make up for not pulling the cart every day!”  We all laughed and I acted insulted…but I was extremely mindful of keeping up my workouts…for the first month.

I pulled up my jeans this morning and I realised that there was a bit more pull going on than even a few days ago.  Granted, *ahem* there is a girly reason this is happening, but still, I dont want it to be happening at all!  So for the next few days before going to Anchorage, I am getting back into an exercise routine  and moving my rear end into a good habit again.  I know that I have missed running and that workout high, that and the exhaustion afterwards!!

Keep me in gear here people!  Ask me in a few days how I have been doing 🙂  Please.



  1. Great chat Sunday, thanx. just think of all the miles and miles of trails to climb and run up in Anchorage – and you can be out until Midnight!! Might think of getting a bike after you see the terrain, tho the weather might limit usage. You didnt tell me about the atv -I bat it is a bit hairy going up the ramp to the office – I actually know what that looks like-teehee.

  2. ok, so why is your clock 6 hours behind mine? take a pic of you and J and Sisu before you leave-I need a new pic to wow my workmates with.

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