Posted by: SisuGirl | June 18, 2008

Busy girl

There has been so much going on for me for the past week, I cant believe it.  I’ve had my first few days off of work in over 3 months and took full advantage of the ability to sleep in, lay about and knit when and where I want to and take Sisu for a walk on the tidal flats when the tide is out, regardless of the plane schedule.  That was last week and I loved it.  I still love it.

Since I phoned Skeins and found out the good news about my yarns, Nancy sent me a list of the colourways  that she would like to have restocked so while I had to fill in at work on Monday, yesterday, I dyed like a madwoman.  7 colourways, 28 skeins, 8 hours.  Ouch.  But, I caught up on podcasts and while my feet hurt, I loved every moment of the process.  And I ran out of blue dye right at the end so that is perfect for my move situation.  I’m going to restock as soon as I get there with another round of sock blanks and dyes.  I really do love dyeing, especially right now as I am knitting with some!

Since I prefer the DK weight, I dyed for myself a skein of Otter in the DK weight a few weeks ago and once I finished my slippers…

…though they still need to be shorn and get a bottom coating…I started to knitting on socks.  My Otter socks are going to be 3×1 rib socks and I am knitting them on my 3mm Harmony DPN’s.  While I love my Harmony needles and I wouldnt trade them for anything, I cant ever seem to knit without creating ladders when I use DPN’s.  I love using 2 circs or magic looping because I never have ladders but it doesnt matter what I do, I always have ladders with DPN’s and its enough to make me want to pitch them all.

12 more days before my move…I am getting more excited/nervous as the days go by!



  1. Too busy to talk to your MA? Ive missed your postings – I hope you keep them up after the move when you can..I miss seeing whats up and whats new in the wilderness. You have to be intentional about doing the first stich on each dpn a bit tighter than the next so that it will absorb the ‘loop’ Once the item is off the needles and has been handles a bit, Ive never had anything keep its ladder. How is J doing with the moving-idea? He’s gonna miss you like crazy!

  2. Howdy 🙂

    I actually purchased a skein of your yarn on 6/15 at Skeins in Juneau. I’m curious about the name, though – “Fish – Humpies”. I’m from Texas and have no idea what a Humpie (humpy?) is .. LOL.

    I’m looking forward to knitting the skein up into some socks soon.

    Thank you for the lovely yarn.

    Dene (aka Mary) in Pinehurst TX

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