Posted by: SisuGirl | June 3, 2008

Still here

I felt that I needed to make a short post telling everyone that I am still here in Pelican and still absolutely crazy busy some days.  I have moved into an apartment (Brightonwomans apartment actually, to house-sit while she and her family are travelling down south) for the next month or so and then I will be Anchorage bound!

I’ve been packing and re-packing some of my things and realise that there are more “Things” that I was going to pack than what I really need.  Despite when I initially thought, I dont need to pack all of my yarn, just a few skeins for socks and the yarn for my Vail.  That will be my big sweater for the year and some thing great to come back to Pelican with.  10 months should be long enough to knit a sweater for an adult woman on US 2’s, right?  Considering 80% is boring stockingette, I am sure that it is but its the 20% of stranding for the yoke and tops of the sleeves that has me worried.

I have to buy some new dress clothes for work and while I will pack a few of my t-shirts, I am sure that I dont need them all or even most so that paring will be a good thing.  I think that I have it down to taking 2 large totes (1 for me, 1 for Sisu’s bed and toys) and 1 small one (yarn and knitterly objects) thru the mail and then 1 suitcase with me on the plane along with Sisu herself.  I know better than to pack everything or to ship everything because then the most important box always gets lost.  Best to have just enough to get by for a few days of everything packed with you.   Since J will be fishing, my most important thing is Sisu and since I dont plan on losing her either getting on or off the plane, the flight will be smooth.

There will be more updates as the month wears on, I promise but right now I dont have internet at home and the work computer is rather slow 🙂


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