Posted by: SisuGirl | May 23, 2008


Well, I passed the ability test with the Dean and my soon-to-be boss has been given the go ahead to re-write a job description for me and my lack of a Masters Degree so that HR can make me fully official soon.

I will be moving to Anchorage and will be the new Residence Coordinator of West Hall and the Templewood apartments.

Wow.  Jut writing that makes me shiver with excitement and nervousness and all the unknown.  I know that its going to be a great adventure and just a good all around experience…once I get over all the nerves and excitements!  Now I have to make plans for packing and moving and getting there and having a home there for 10 months.  Tasha is moving again…surprise, surprise 🙂  Hopefully Mum has left space for me to move again in her address book!



  1. I used to think it was only necessary to give you your own page in my address book..I am now thinking of getting you a whole BOOK of your own 🙂 It’s half full already and you’re not even 30!! Congratulations #1. I know you will give it your all and your new mentors, colleagues and students will come to know and respect the terriffic young woman that you are. You Go Girl! from Miss Martha..

  2. Congratulations!
    Your nerves and excitement sounds like the feelings I have when I moved to Alaska (by myself). Good luck with the move.

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