Posted by: SisuGirl | May 12, 2008


Its pretty ironic that I am titling this post “Nerves” when one of the things that is giving me tummy flutters is my final exam on the Nervous system.  I have taken 2 previous exams and have done just fine on them so why I am so jittery about this one, I really dont know.

Ok.  Yes I do.

Not only do I have this test to take today but I am going to hear about a job that might take me away from Pelican and up to Anchorage for a year.  It is such a great opportunity but boy, does it bring up huge questions, concerns, feelings and also makes me want to bring up my breakfast.  It would be such a huge thing that I cant even go into it all here and I dont want to until I know if I have the job or not because I dont want to jinx it…or maybe I do and I dont really want the job at all and want to stay in safe, little Pelican and continue working for the Seaplanes.  Nope, dont wanna do that but I just am nervous and nothing has happened yet!  The deal is, they offered the job to a guy who has a girlfriend who really doesnt like Anchorage (has been there a year) and she wants to go back to California.  So she says, take the job and stay but I am going back to Cali. and I would like it if you came with me.  So he asked for an extension in the decision time and it is up today.  He has to make a decision by today.


The same day as my Nervous system final.

And Lab practical.

And the day I want to be able to ship out 36 skeins of handpainted yarn that I dyed, dried and reskeined this weekend.  But I cant send them until I have tags and they are in the mail.  I will fill you in on THAT brand of insanity after my test.  Pictures too, I promise.

And the day before my future in-laws are coming back to town with their pets.

And the day that I am moving from the house that I have lived in to a large boat in order to circumvent any dog socialisation issues.

And the day that I am supposed to adopt a dog from J’s Dad.  A Karelian, just like Sisu who needs a new home and a lot of love and attention.

And the day I am supposed to get more yarn blanks in the mail. To start dyeing.  Because I have at least 24 more skeins to do for this original order. (Yay!)

Can you tell why I am nervous and excited and have so much on my mind that I want to burst and cry and cheer and sleep and generally explode?



  1. so..what do you really do with your time up there?? Aren’t you lucky to be surrounded by all of those decisions and every single one of them is something POSITIVE and healthy and leading you to better things?? Isn’t life good?? PS – I have a new tag idea for you. Not telling until I hear about the job decision! Good luck in all things.

  2. Change or the possiblity of change makes most of us anxious. It’s totally normal, if that’s any consolation.
    Wishing you the best.

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