Posted by: SisuGirl | April 27, 2008

Natures Bounty

There have been many different ways that I love living in Pelican but this one has to be right up there are the top benefit.  So much can be harvested from the earth and as long as we are careful, there can be continual harvests for many years. Sundays have been my day off and lucky for me, most of them have been beautiful and perfect for Sisu and I to go out to the flats and practice harvesting 🙂

Nori drying in the sun and Sea Lettuce and Nori still in the rinsing sea water

bladderwrack drying in the sun

Clams! The clam, sans shell. Aww, shucks!

My little clammer

Tasha and Sisu

There are more pictures up in my flickr site of the clam shucking, and the seaweed gathering.

Yes, there is still knitting in my world…always is there knitting!  Granted, now there is also a lot of spinning but that is another post.  Just lately, I have been having fun with baby booties and samples of yarn.  They knit up quite fast and they look good once they are all finished.

Baby Booties (no, not for me and mine!)

And finally for this post, my most recent Stranded Hat!  Stranded Hat C, modeled on Marsali (SH-C08-215)

More to come soon…spinning fun!



  1. Terriffic pics! I love the way that you use MArsali against the snowy background – really shows off the pattern in the hats…lovely job sweetie pie!

  2. how do you know what you can eat and what has yuck stuff growing on it?
    just wondering

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