Posted by: SisuGirl | April 21, 2008

From BrightonWoman: “I love that song ‘exactly’ at some point I’ll have to take the time to listen to it, but I like those lines ‘I am exactly where I need to be, i need to be exactly where I am” It reminds me of Ecclesiastes and the time for every purpose under heaven… I think too many people get caught up in the past or the future and forget to be in the present, or to live in the now for the now.”

Yes.  Just like that plus the idea that the path to real happiness is within you and only you and is specifically FOR you.  That I can be wonderfully and completely happy with my very rural, slow paced, not hugely important in the grand scheme of this world lifestyle but still be incredibly connected, one of the fastest moving/on a schedule and very important person here in Pelican because, lets face it, if I wasn’t doing it now, there would be no regular travel into or out of here nor would there be 9/10 of the freight or any of the mail.  Not that no one else could step in and do it, but right now, I’m it.  And granted, its not a full time job but my knitting, spinning, helping elders and taking other part time jobs make my world very busy and I just will keep getting busier as the days get longer and longer. (On the side, did you know that it is light enough to see clearly at 5am and then the sun goes behind the mountains at about 7:45 and its dark at 8:30…already!  I forgot how fast this happens in the spring!)

I enjoyed my day off yesterday by gathering seaweeds and then drying them (and will post pictures later today) and Sisu ran like a wild thing on the flats while I did.  She is so funny and is my little clam digger.  She gets squirted by a clam or a worm and then goes crazy digging for them.  She has yet to get one and normally just likes to dig but the squirt gives her a place to do it!

My knitting world is blooming with fantastic yarns…that I spun!  I plied my yarns the other day and then dyed with food colouring and they look just beautiful.  There will be pictures of those soon too 🙂  The plied yarn is a worsted weight and I am so proud of myself for how even and well spun that it is.  Yes, I am proudly tooting my own horn!  I’m also getting ready to make a foray into dyeing on a larger scale and have quite a few blanks and pots of dye coming in and will gladly tell  you all about it once things are moving the way I want them to.  I dont want to jinx anything but I have some good ideas and if they come out half as well as I can see them in my head, they will be great.


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