Posted by: SisuGirl | April 8, 2008

The Oddest places

When you are not looking for it, you can find joy in just the oddest of places.  Things that make you just laugh out loud because of the randomness and general funny placement of things or a statement.

Take these for instance:  I was wearing these socks all day and then took them off to change for a workout with the full intention of putting them back on to go to SnB later that night.  I went to grab them after my shower and this is what they looked like. I swear, thats just how I tossed them off my legs and onto the bed!  I was in a rush to change and pulled them off and then never thought about them until after my shower I looked down at them and started laughing.  Sisu looked at me like I was crazy but really, they took me by surprise in such a good way.  BTW, they are “Arsenal” football (soccer) socks.  (And Yes, Janyne, they were yours 🙂  You have to come visit me to get them back!)

This was another: I have no earthly idea why there was or should have been a flipper at 1,500′ but there was!  J and I were just hiking along with Sisu and there it sat.  Both J and I laughed like crazy and Sisu gave it a sniff and a nose.  We left it there for others enjoyment but also because there was a moss already growing inside the foot portion.

What has made you laugh today?  Are you laughing today?  I really hope so, because I am.



  1. Maybe it’s the classic scuba diver who was scooped up by the helecopter gathering water to put out a forest fire….

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