Posted by: SisuGirl | April 5, 2008

Meeting Marsali

I have always loved spring time.  The new grasses, flowers poking up from the cold ground, trees budding, all that fun spring-y type of stuff.  Not to mention that its warmer, there is less snow and, would you look at that!, there is SUNSHINE!  We only got Spring for 3 days here before we reverted to winter but I did see some very happy eagles basking in the sun.  Like this one 🙂 While in Sitka, J found something that is fantastic and that I had been talking about wanting for a little while now.  Before I really got into the hat knitting she just seemed like a frivolity but seems more and more necessary as the hats go on.  Without further adiu, Meet Marsali!  She is an adventuress who often is looking for a way to warm her very cold ears but always wants to look stylish too!  So she wears Stranded Hats!  This season KFD has come out with some new designs and she is modeling the first two of the season:  A08-182 and

B08-188 Both are fantastic and I will be hard pressed to sell either.  Especially B08-188 because I just LOVE that white on the purple.  I chose the white (over my normal black contrasting colour) after BrightonWoman suggested it to me and chose 188 because it was looking so very dark in the ball.  It was the right choice and the hat is perfect to wear with just about everything and is long enough to wear with a pony-tail up and STILL be covering your ears.  I hate the creeping-hat syndrome and swear that none of my hats will have that problem!

Sisu has been so patient with all this hat knitting and picture taking but every once in a while she chimes in with a very expressive whine that says, “Can you drop the knitting?  I wanna play now, Mum!”  So we do and that red ball you can see is a favorite plaything just lately.  Play sessions and 3 miles of walkies a day keep my Sisu happy…me too, because I dont think that I could be happier.  I hope you are happy too.



  1. where did you pick her name?

    And I love that white hat…love love love it. 🙂 You should sell it for extra.

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