Posted by: SisuGirl | March 26, 2008

Two FO’s

First done, The Ribbi Cardi!!  Finished Ribbi CardiI finished it on Saturday and I just plain love it.  I’ve worn it for the past 2 days 🙂  Though I dont have a zipper yet, the beautiful shawl pin works just perfectly for now.  I cannot tell you how much I love this sweater.  The only modifications that I made were in length of the fronts and back and on the sleeves.  I hate too short sweaters and sleeves so I made them both .5″ longer than called for.  This was perfect and I would do it again.  The pattern is fabulous, the yarn is great and the colours together everyone raves about.  I still cant believe that KnitPicks is discontinuing this shade of blue.  Really, its a crazy choice and unless the cost of the  blue would make the yarn price skyrocket, I dont understand the decision.  Hopefully they have a nice new light blue hidden in the eves because with the removal of this shade, all Wool of the Andes blues are now dark shades.  Either way, I stocked up and barring the slippers that I will now have to make for my sister (who was supposed to get a pair of clogs from the 1st 2 skeins of the blue) but since it is just about spring, I think maybe I can wait on those for a while.

In my joy of finishing the sweater and the shock of now really knowing that I have to get done 7 more hats by the beginning of May, I started and finished a new project.  This quilt.Quilt   I started and finished on Easter and I love it.  I needed a new blanket on my bed and we didnt have any blankets big enough.  Oddly enough, J and I have been sleeping using twin sized blankets, 1 each, and always complained to each other that we wanted 1 big one for the two of us.  So I called the quilt shop in Juneau and asked for a collection of fat quarters that I had seen while there a few weeks ago, some batting and backing.  It all came and I forced myself to wait until the sweater was done so Saturday night I was trying to decide what to do and then Sunday morning I cut into it.  I divided the quarters into quarters 🙂 and set them up 3 wide with single blocks running lengthwise down the sides and centre.  I LOVE IT!  My only dislike is that I dont have measurement markings on the needle plate so I had to eyeball the whole thing and while 50% of the squares line up perfectly, 50% dont.    But the colours take your mind off all of those slightly off ones and its just lovely.  Warm too.



  1. NOT BAD FOR A FIRST TRY ON THE QUILT! Now you’re gonna get the bug and get all fancy 🙂 What did you use for backing? a sheet is good for sizing and it has nice finished edges. I am still trying to get Jinnys T shirt quilt done – she didn’t help the way you did on yours. Now I am thinking that we will have to use some of Johns shirts too to make it a couple thing.

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