Posted by: SisuGirl | March 21, 2008

Tucking in my Mittens

I have this friend, who I love.  We were only living close together for less than a year but wow, what a year.  We learned to like each other, despite my not wanting another person to supervise and direct in a very simple job and him being scared of this very opininated, bitchy girl who, upon first meeting, was ranting about someone else being lazy or just plain dumb.  Turned out, he didnt need directing or supervision and I turned out to be justified in my rants about dopey people and a great person to rant to.  He would join me for gut turning dinners in the cafeteria and I would join him for bagels and coffee early in the mornings.  I prayed for him and him for me.  He was an answer to prayers for a friend and confidant and I was his answer for a sponsor for his second 6 months.  He would laugh at my knitting obsession but would listen and watch carefully, especially when I told him to pick a skein of yarn and I would make him something for his months of not laughing.  Socks followed and I know that they are loved.  We were looking forward to another year of near-by friendship and then that plan fell through for me and has gone on to success for him.  I miss being able to sit and talk over a cup of coffee and a toasted bagel in the morning with him just about more than anything.  Its the presence of him as a friend with the uncompromising agape love that I feel the lack of.

What prompted this post?  Well, its snowing out and Sisu needed a walk.  So I put on my coat, hat and mittens and started out the door, only to be hung up by the one thing that I have always struggled with.  He always did it for me with a smile and a laugh when I would hold out my hands and say, “Please” and he would be wondering aloud, “What would you do if I want here for you?”  I never had an answer for him but now I know.  I miss him most when I have to struggle with the most important job before walkies and the one I always struggle with…Tucking in my mittens.



  1. hey – what about using those pretty fish buttons as your ‘tag’. print off care instructions on paper, then sew through the paper onto the hat. When purchased, the paper is ripped off, leaving the fishy! We could do small ones out of the shrinky dink stuff…might be easier than the big ones that you made and that way they would be kept and not tossed.

  2. funny pictures of the dogs! I am so excited that you might be coming home for a bit…

  3. funny that I should be thinking about you as I work on a round of e-mails and come across this post 🙂
    You should give me a call, Life is good, we just got back from Hawaii and the sun is shining in South East, ya gotta love it.

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