Posted by: SisuGirl | March 19, 2008

The catch up post

Every time I have sat down at the computer for the past week and a bit I couldnt think of what to write about.  I have had so many ideas running through my head that nothing has come out on paper or on the computer and it is a frustrating feeling.  Getting ahead of myself, getting excited about something that mayn’t happen, studying for my class and adding more information to whats already swimming around in there…wow.  It doesnt help that J is gone fishing and that the weather is icky so Sisu and I are pretty much stuck in the house.  Now, thats not entirely true because we do go for at least 3 walkies a day, but it sure feels like its true sometimes!  The good things about being “stuck” in the house are the knitting and the movies!

Movies:  Rent/borrow Stardust.   I got it from the library and I have watched it 3 times already.  Yup, 3.  Its like Princess Bride in and adventure/love story/fantasy sort of way but, of course, its different.  I just love it and will probably own in one day, I just loved it that much.  Robert DeNiro makes this movie fantastic and a must see and Claire Danes, Charlie Cox and Michelle Pfeiffer really grab you from the very start of the film.  The narrator is Ian McKellen, the king is Peter O’Toole and the guard, who has a sadly small role, is the funny and fantastic David Kelly.  I cant rave about this film enough or recommend it higher either.

Knitting:  I am almost done with the left front of my Ribby Cardi and I am still loving it.  I am realising now though that since I am living here in Pelican, getting a zipper that matches and fits right may be a bit difficult.  I will have to call on Grumperinas blog to show me not only HOW to put in the darn thing again but where to get a good zipper!  I put a zipper into my Mariah cardigan but that was a while ago and I need a little refresher!   Darn my not thinking about using buttons instead but really, this is not a button-y sweater at all!

I finished my pair of Simple Cherry Blossom socks and they are perfect.  Both of them.  Except that some how, I have a whole bunch of yarn leftover after making the second.  Dont ask me how the heck this happened, it just did.  I was so careful to count the strands when it was in a skein and continued to count as I wound it into a ball and they looked the same size (I didnt have a scale to weigh them) but I have at least the same amount of leftovers having both done as I did with the first!  One of two things will come from this: 1)I will have to weigh the 2 balls of Pickle before I start knitting them and I will have to be sure to add calf shaping because they will be significantly longer than the cherry blossom pair or 2) I will make 2 pairs of shorter socks.  I’m rooting for #1 but God only knows what happened before and if it will happen again!

Remember me telling you about the Malabrigo in Juneau?  Here is a teaser picture Malabrigo teaserand the rest are on my Flickr.  I cant rave enough about the beauty of these colours, the softness of the wool and just the all around brilliance of this yarn.  Go fondle so when you have the chance and just see if it doesnt jump into your shopping cart!


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