Posted by: SisuGirl | March 4, 2008

In Juneau

For a little break from the world of the boardwalk, I decided to take a trip into Juneau.  Well, that and I wanted to take Sisu to the vet, get her up to date on her shots and get spayed.  Please, if you have comments about the cruelty about a spay, ie removing organs and the necessity of all animals to be able to reproduce, keep them to yourself.  I would rather not lose her during whelping because of lack of a vet if something went wrong.  Anyway, here I am and here I may be staying for a bit longer.  There are plenty of crazy people who want to get from Juneau to Pelican and because I fly for free, I get bumped for paying customers (Of course!).  Its just fine by me because it gives me more time to enjoy the view from R and C’s living room, Sisu more time to recover before getting on the plane and, naturally, I can enjoy more time knitting…while watching the Food Network!!  I love the Food Network and I could watch all day long because of the mad varitey of shows that they play.  Its not all recipies but also entertaining, history and challenges with the added tang of different presenters personality.  I swear, if I had cable at home, I would be stuck between Discovery and Food all the time.  My only downside to cable is that they dont have PBS and if I could have those and NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS, TV would be perfect.  I dont need all those other channels.  Heck, if I could have PBS only all the time TV life would be perfect.

I’ve been working on my second sock of the Cherry Blossom socks that you can see in a previous post and they really do go up fast.  I like working in DK/sport because of that and the fact that its just so nice to have thick squishy socks.  I know that some people dont like wearing thick socks because their shoes arnt fit for them.  Me?  I wear welly-like boots nearly all the time and they need all the comfort help that I can give them.  The extra cushion is perfect and, to me, cute socks are like cute panties; only certain people see you in them but you feel special and good all day wearing them!

 Speaking of yarn (and when do I not?), I found some Malibrigo Chunky on sale at the LYS here in Juneau and just fell in love.  It is so pretty and as soon as I get home and can take pictures of it, you can see it too.  I bought 12 skeins of handpain in all different colours and plan on making a blanket.  My plan is to make squares with garter stitch edging and then plain stockingette centres.  I want to alternate K, P, K sides “out” on the first row, then P, K, P on the second, repeating for the 3rd and 4th, so that there is no “wrong” side of the blanket, just alternated.  Pretty smart if you ask me 🙂  I cant wait to show you all so you can drool too!!!



  1. wanna see a foto of your long hair! Hope you are safely home..the blanket sounds good…you could string the squares together on a long circular and keep your lap warm while you knit!

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