Posted by: SisuGirl | February 21, 2008

Something scary

This morning I had to do something scary to something that I love.

I cut my knitting.

No, this wasnt the dreaded steeking because you KNOW that I would have gotten much more worked up and had to talk about it more than “Hey, guess what I did this morning!” Nope, I had to lengthen a sock.  I cast on on Monday morning as I was administering a test to a 5th Grader.  You know the drill:  Here is your test book, do NOT open it until I tell you to.  Fill in the bubbles with your #2 pencil and dont make marks outside the circles.  Here are the directions and you have 40/25/55/30 minuets for this section.  You may begin now.  This is a boring job most of the time but when there is only one student taking the test, there is no one he can ‘cheat’ off of, talk to or generally mess about with so there is no real need for me to pay more attention than to the clock counting down the seconds he had left.  The kid is fantastic and the test went so smoothly AND I finished the first sock of the pair….except…This is what I had left from the first half of the skein.  dsc_1540.jpg  Its Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK in Cherry Blossom and I am in LOVE.  I am a huge fan of CTH anyway and when I found that Sheri has the DK, I had to try some.  It has all the joy of the perfect twist and colours of the fingering weight but its DK and that makes it all the better for me.  I divided the full skein into 2 equal balls so that I could knit the legs as long as I could.  Anyway, I knit this plain, top down stockinette sock with about 5 rows of 1×1 ribbing at the top.  I made the leg 6″ long before starting the heel and that picture shows just how much yarn I had left over from the first half of the skein.  I went to 6″ because that is what most patterns say that I, as a large, ski-footed woman, should do.  Um, No.  The foot fits perfectly and I dont want to have a pair of baby socks left over from anything!  So I went looking for some help.

There was NO WAY on earth that I was going to frog the whole thing back to the leg and keep going because I still wouldnt know how much further I could go without running short on the toe.  And because I worked this sock top down, I couldnt easily unpick the cast on row and I know better than to run half a stitch short by picking up the cast on edge.  These socks are my test runs before starting on my Pickle socks and I want to use all the yarn possible on those!  So I searched on Ravelry to find out how to lengthen an item.   While I didnt find anything specific about lengthening a sock, I did find a link HERE.  Oh. My. Gosh.  This person is amazing.  Everything I ever wanted to know about the technical side of fixing/adapting knitting was and is here.

So I follow her instructions and did this:

Ready to cut   I went just below my ribbing and snipped a stitch.  And then I had to steady my hands before moving on because, Wow, cutting knitting is a rush.  Not in a good way, in a ‘I’m going to be a sobbing mess if this doesnt work!’ kind of way.  No need to stress though, because it all worked perfectly!  A few stitches into it and I am not only picking up like a pro but I am learning so much about the anatomy of knitting.

dsc_1545.jpg  Because I was pulling back one stitch at a time, I could see exactly how the yarn wove through each loop and how each loop connected to each other in different rows and how cool is that!!!  It stopped being scary and started being fun and easy and thendsc_1546.jpg  it was over!  I had done it!  There is a separate band of ribbing on the size 0 circs and all 48 stitches on the Harmony DPN’s.  (Which, by the way, I LOVE!)

dsc_1548.jpg So last night I knit round and round and now the length is 8.5″ and I think that I have enough yarn to go to 9.5″ and then do a bit more ribbing before grafting the original ribbing back on.  I’m not scared of grafting and after this, I dont think that I will be scared of steeking the Vail sweater when I get to it or ever cutting into my knitting to fix some problem or another.  It wasnt so hard or scary when I think back on it, just not something I would ever do with caffeine in my system!

Whats that neat looking tin, heart patterns and that hint of red the the corner of that picture?  It’s my last Woolgirl Sock Club package! Final Woolgirl Sock Club package  The yarn is ‘Blush’ by Zen Yarn Garden, the little stitch marker is a sweet heart with a tiny flower by WeeOnes (who makes just amazing stitch markers, you really should go see her Etsy store).  The bag is waterproof, has a large pocket and a zippered outer pocket and the shoulder straps are the drawstrings and I really, really like it!

More knitting later…I want to update you on my Ribby Cardi Sleeves too.  And FYI, I still dont have running water at my place, despite all the warm weather.  Hopefully today though…I always dwell in hope and I pray you do too!


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