Posted by: SisuGirl | February 15, 2008

Melting and Growing Season

After a month of below freezing weather we have finally had a steady week of well above freezing and dealing with a lot of melting. I love the melting, for more than one reason. I like seeing the grass poking out, the feeling of warmth after the below freezing weather, the rain instead of snow, and, for me, the run-off from the roof filling the rain buckets so I can cook, brush my teeth, J can wash dishes and we both can flush the toilet! Its the distruction of the snow but thats OK. I will be able to look up at the mountains until July and still see snow! Either way, the sooner that the snow melts from the beach behind my house, the sooner I can get flowing water back.

WARNING: Religious content with personal views.

I know nothing about the Mormon faith. My pastor, when I told her about moving to work for Seventh Day Adventists said something to the effect of, ‘Well, at least they arnt as bad as Mormons.’ It was proof that she knew nothing specific about either religion! There are so many bad jokes about how ‘bad’ Mormons are and the ‘errors’ about the religion and someone always brings up polygamy. I know nothing about the Mormon church from real Mormons or from the Mormon Church. The only one that I know, sort of, is Mitt Romney and I dont know him at all! So there are Mormons who have moved into town. Before you, dear reader, start rolling your eyes, sighing or making pre-judgements, just listen (rather, read). I love them. Its the Agape love that I feel for a family that is far from perfect but strive to be as close to godly as possible. They are good friends and great people and I cherish and value their friendship.  But I still knew next to nothing about the Mormon religious history, theology or beliefs.

The extent of my knowledge was this: There was this man named Joseph Smith who had an angel visit him named Moroni and was given a revelation about a new ‘brand’ of faith and a book of Mormon with golden plates under a rock. After translation and years later, a document is formed in English and is the book of Mormon and the core of the new faith. Eventually a man named Brigham Young would come to believe the new faith and would be the man who lead the Mormon followers to Utah to escape from persecution from fellow Protestant Americans (who, ironically, escaped from persecution of their own religion!) There would be some polygamy but that was officially ended pretty fast after BY had his original revelation and the official Mormon Church hasnt authorized it for over 100 years and actually they excommunicate any of their members that practice it. Thats it. Thats all I knew about the Mormon faith. I was thinking that I needed to talk to my friends about their religion because, if anything, I was really curious.

Its the scientist in me that wants to know more about everything, especially about religion. How do I know that my ‘brand’ of faith is correct if I dont know about all of them in detail? How can one person possibly choose what to believe if they dont know all the options out there and their teachings? I am a firm believer that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to earth to live and teach among us so that by his death we would have everlasting life. Nothing that I have been taught about different religions thus far has dissuaded me of that belief. So I wanted to talk to my Mormon neighbor about her faith and the core beliefs of the church. And then PBS intervened.

The Mormons is a program that is about 5 hours long in two sections that give this history of the Mormon church, the people who were instrumental in their revelations and creation of the church, the history of the people and those that opposed them, plural marriage and its revocation, moving westward to start a new settlement, the reasoning behind missions, discipline, baptism, temple life, family and so much more. It was a fantastic, non-biased, eye-opening look at the church and basic beliefs. I would highly suggest to everyone that if you have ever heard a Mormon joke, wondered about the history of polygamy or baptism of the dead, heck, if you ever heard the title of ‘Mormon’ and havent known one yourself and want to know anything about this religion, WATCH this programme. You can see it online HERE.

I can honestly say that it was a fantastic programme and I hope that everyone watches to learn more about a religion and a people who have been the butt of many jokes and have had little understanding given to them by outsiders to the religion. I have more questions and I will talk to my neighbors but really, this programme was enlightening and very helpful if becoming a better educated person and a more well rounded believer. I don’t think that I can give an official name to my ‘brand’ of my religion but I know that in my learning that I am growing stronger in my belief in God and his mercy and grace in my life. It doesnt need a specific name and religion is created by man anyway. Its the faith in Him that is important.

More posting tomorrow with actual knitting content (GASP!) and knitting pictures too.



  1. How wonderful it is that you are seeking to find what brings you closer to God. Don’t worry about asking a zillion questions (Mose and Job asked a lot). What is “correct” is responding and truley seeking Him as He is and not making Him into what you want Him to be. You do this and you will find the peace that Paul talks about.

  2. I wrote a blog post last Oct with a lot of basics and some links–under the ‘religion’ tag on my blog.
    Just FYI!

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