Posted by: SisuGirl | February 13, 2008

Snow and Cold and Socks

Its been a flying leap, Snow Leaping  Sisu Snow swimmin’,  Landing  enjoying every moment of it  Popping out sock knittin’

Waterfall Socks past few days.

OK, so that was the post that I WAS going to post a few days ago.  Then the tide came in high and washed away a lot of the snow and then the warmer weather came and with it rain and then that has washed away the majority of the snow.  This is not such a bad thing.  I was feeling very dried out from all the 0 and below weather and my hair was super frizzy too.  The major downside to this break in the weather was the fact that since it finally came above freezing, J turned off the by-pass that had been keeping the water flowing all this time.  And then we froze.  So I have no water.  And no heat, because we ran out of fuel and then in an attempt to un freeze the pipe, J cut into the house line and all the existing water in the house, including that in the heater lines flowed out.  The good thing about that is that we know for sure that the frozen spot isnt at the house!  We knew that though.  The reason that the line froze is that, despite being above freezing in the air, the ground isnt and the cold only goes deeper for a bit when it warms up slightly and J, in an attempt to conserve water, turned it off too soon.  Its really not his fault but it is a bit annoying.  Its a repeat of a year ago for me but as long as the drains dont freeze, I am completely OK with bucket flushing and getting showers at someone elses house.  I got one last night at Brighton Womans house and I am grateful that I did!

On a good-er note, we got a ferry yesterday, got a whole month of mail and boxes and I got a stack of boxes from Full Circle Farms, my organic grocers.  I get a box from them once a week and going without it for these past 3 weeks has been really difficult.  I never knew how much J and I liked to have the fresh veggies until we weren’t getting them.  We are now well stocked and there are even tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!  I’m really excited about mail too because there are my biological samples for my A&P class, colouring book and a few other A&P supplies too, not to mention Netflix movies, regular mail and any catalogs too.  Good thing that I never have to worry about bills cause those come online 🙂

Knitting Wise:  Yes, those are my Waterfall socks in the picture above and I love them dearly.  I wish that I could buy a whole bunch more of that colourway in lots of different weights, its just that nice.  I have also been working on my Ribby Cardi and I almost have one sleeve done.  I will have to get on Knit Picks soon and order more of the front and back colourway…because its being discontinued!  Of all the silly things because its so pretty and if they take it off, WotA will only have dark blue colours because they will have gotten rid of the lighter ones!  I know that some new ones will come out but really, this is crazy.

More later, I promise 🙂



  1. Was that YOUR skiff? tut..tut.. the icy eagle picture and Sisu snow swimming was great! I was showing a workmate where you are using google earth – I’m glad you weren’t outside snowbathing naked!! Glad you’re back to the blog – I misased you – – enjoy that mountain of mail! Watch for a box from me too..left 2/13

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