Posted by: SisuGirl | February 3, 2008

8 hours

You would think that there had been enough of this talking.  Before every game there would be about an hour of talking about the players, the teams, the coach, the weather, the fields…ad nauseum.   Today, I woke up and while I was hoping to actually catch some cartoons, I found this insanity instead.  Super Bowl coverage.  8 hours before the game, 6.5 hours before the pre-game.  8 HOURS people!!   Why?  What more is there possibly to be said about each and every player, team, coach, field, WHATEVER that hasnt been said for at least 4 months?  Didnt they just praise the players a week ago in the final play-off game?  Do you really think that there has been any huge changes in the players?   Did someone retire or die or join either of the teams on Saturday that would completely change the make-up of the teams?  Jeez everyone, its not like this hasnt been coming for the entire season and we no zilch about the game or players.

Yes, I will be watching the game…if we have TV.  There is so much snow here that Sisu is chest deep in  it on the back porch!  I DO like football, just not the insanity that preceeds and postceeds 🙂 it.



  1. Jeez, you MUST be busy – a whole week with nothing to say??

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