Posted by: SisuGirl | February 1, 2008

Super Mail Day

So about a month back I received an email that said that I won a prize from another blogger who was running a “donate to Heifer Int. ” contest. Rules? Make a donation, let me know, you’re in the running! So I let her know about my yearly donation and I was in the contest…and won one of the prizes! It was a shawl pin, hand made and exclusively designed for me by the fantastic woman who runs the ThatLoganChick Designs Etsy shop. She asked me about what I liked and disliked and said that as soon as she could get the beads and create my pin it would be in the mail from Alberta, Canada. I was so excited about the possibility of soon getting a shawl pin I even pulled out MY shawl and did a shell! Well, yesterday we had a break in the weather and FINALLY had a plane (it had been a week) and there, waiting for me at the post office was a box much larger than I expected that had come all the way from Alberta, Canada! Go and see what she sent me!! My flickr has the pictures as well as the other fun stuff that the mail plane brought me.  I think that I just might have to cast on in that lighter Treking XXL tonight.  Not like I dont have enough on the needles already!

On my workout path, I am doing so well!  I have managed to workout 6 days a week for at least 70 minutes a day for over a month now and though I am too scared to see what the scale says, I know that fantastic things are happening to me.  First of all I am loosing my, um..pooch?  I dont know what else to call it!  Its that fantastic layer of fat right below my belly button and right above my girly bits and for years it has plagued me.  While I was really active in Cardio Kickboxing I had it way reduced but over the last 3 years it was slowly creeping back.  Not any more!  I can stand up straight and see my…well, lets just say I can see everything below my belly button (and I could always see my toes!)!!   This morning I had the dreaded task of having to put on a clean pair of jeans.  As always, I dreaded it.  That too tight feeling that every pair has unless it is a size or two big?  Yeah, that one was nonexistent in my pair of 12’s.  Yes, in my 12’s.  1-2.  I stuck my legs in, pulled them up and buttoned them without one single tug, moment of breath holding or roll of fat.  I was/am so excited that I even woke J up and made him look and admire me.  He was suitably impressed so I let him go back to sleep but man, am I ever excited.  I bought them August 2006 but they had been getting slightly tighter from then onwards, mainly from my lack of regular exercise from that month on.  I had done Tae Bo with students the year before but just didnt do it again during the 06-07 year.  They became more loose during the end of the 07 school year and the 07 fishing season but were never as comfy as they were in August 06 or as perfect as they are now!!  I look better in them now than when I bought them!

I know that I love to run and I started a new programme where you slowly build to running for 30 min straight and then I want to work up to a whole hour.  Since I was already running for 20 minutes straight, I skipped to week 7 of the 10 week 30 minute plan (walk 1 min, Run 9, Rpt. 2 more times) and did just fine.  J was wondering if this would make me lose milage and/or speed but I did 2.7 miles so that means that the whole things was just under a 10 min mile (6 mph).  Not shabby at all!  The girls and I did a bellydancing video and we are all better at it now than when we started.

I’ve finally got my workout buddies convinced that we need to do a hard cardio workout at least once per week instead of strength training and more not quite cardio workouts…FINALLY.   I started running because I knew that I just wasnt getting the cardio that I need to reshape my body but they felt that any workout where their muscles got tired was cardio enough.  The only thing that convinced them was their Wednesday workout where they almost quit part way thru the Tae Bo workout that they hadnt done in about a month.  I had been saying how important it was to keep up the cardio but they didnt listen to me…now they listen to their bodies!  They were both at a plateau so hopefully this cardio change will give them the boost that they need.



  1. I’m glad the package arrived safely – and that you like! I must admit to a bit of blatant lying though. I had the beads in my stash for your shawl pins right from the beginning. What took so long was that I wanted to get you some sock yarn in your colours, and had to wait for it to arrive (I’m a lover of the muddy olives, chartreuses and rusts, so there wasn’t a single skein of clear bright blues or purples in my stash). It certainly was fun stepping out of my colour comfort zone and choosing sock yarn for you – thanks for that!

  2. good job you are taking that Anatomy and Physiology class!!!! Now you have some REAL dissecting experience to share!! Remember the squid episode??? I think you missed your calling – you should have been taxidermist or somone who prepares supplies for study!!

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