Posted by: SisuGirl | January 28, 2008

Pictures, Pictures!

OK, so only one is here and the rest are on my Flickr site I wanted to post them here but because we are getting to the end of the month, our server slows way down. You have to take a look at the way I am keeping my freshly wound skeins of sock yarn in control…very creative, if I do say so myself!  There are some cute pictures of Sisu and her latest quest to keep J and I safe from the local wildlife and a really nice shot of a Christmas Cactus flower which is now gracing my desktop.

All this pretty sock yarn…which do I knit first?Freshly Wound

They are from Spunky Eceletic – Irish Dreams, Duet Sock Yarn – Mod, The Unique Sheep – Spruce Tips, Cherry Tree Hill – Cherry Blossom and CTH – Pickle Juice. The Spunky Eclectic and The Unique Sheep yarns are special dye lots and are part of the Woolgirl Sock Club, which I LOVE the yarns from. The CTH in Pickle Juice is a special colourway that was made specifically for the Loopy Ewe. All are DK or Sport weight and I cant wait to knit them!

On a note about the Woolgirl Sock Club, I love the yarns and special treats that I have gotten from them. As a gift, it was perfect. its been such fun to see what comes every other month and February is the last shipment. That said, after my experience with this club, I would not join one myself (ie: not a gift), though I wouldnt turn away any gift of one! I liked getting a surprise of the different yarns and all are beautiful but it was the getting them that made me feel bad about not having the package before done. I wasnt such a fan of the patterns but that is more because I am boring about the type of patterning that I like on my socks…different kinds of ribbing or simple lace is as far as I go. Either way, I loved the yarns, the service, the community and well, the yarns! I would say this was a fantastic experience but because of my knitting ADD and previous stash of sock yarn, I guess it just want the perfect timing. Maybe next year or so when I am out of sock yarn and need to re-stock I will be ready for the Rockin Sock Club 🙂

Though I havent tried Socks that Rock yet, that Raven Series is SO calling to me. I mean really, how can I resist Tlingit and Haida yarns in the medium weight? HELLO, SE Alaska Native Alaskans and J IS Tlingit! I have bought yarn with much less specified pull, remember Cider Moon Glacier in Juneau? How about J. Knits Alaska? Besides, after all those hats that I knit, I still dont have one for myself! This would be one beautiful, DK hat 🙂 Anyone wanna buy me some STR yarn? Its just 2 skeins!

Have a blessed day!


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