Posted by: SisuGirl | January 28, 2008

Missed my Blog-aversery!

I cant believe it!  It was the 17th and I completely missed it.  Oh well.  Thanks to everyone who has been reading, if you started on the 17th (none of you because I didnt get any hits until February 20th!) or started here.  It really makes my day that ANYONE reads.



  1. thank you, thank you – it was great to see how much Sisu has grown – I love her little white ‘cape’ behind her head. And to see the snow on the mountains that I remember waking up and seeing. Do you know how lucky you are? This experience will make some great stories for your grand-kids! That pretty blue and brown – are those sisters sox? Nice job on the eagles too -you’re going to be like that older lady that has them eating out of her hands! Love the snowy pictures – enjoy…we are getting ready for a blast of very cold air from the Dakotas later kitties will snuggle up for sure tonight! Take Care – enjoy some salmon for me..

  2. SiSu is soooooo CUTE! She looks to be about the same size as Sierra, just the perfect size, not to big or to small!! 🙂 Her colors are very beautiful!
    I love the pictures, I look out the window and see the same house across the street everyday! BOO HOO!
    Love you sister! What do you think of my Seattle suggestion from my last posting???? I think it would be fun to do for my graduation present to myself! I could see YOU and do SISTER things! Think about it!
    love you

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