Posted by: SisuGirl | January 24, 2008

So not bored

I guess one of the down sides to living in a very small town and not blogging about much more than my knitting makes lots of people think that I am very bored or am living a very quiet life.  Well, No to the former, Yes to the latter.  I am so busy lately that I cant keep things straight but all in all, it is a quiet life and I LIKE it that way.  That rewards post was more of a personal gut response to reading about so many of the material things that other ‘Sparkpeople’ are rewarding themselves with.  Seeing other with material goals triggers that same response in myself; you too I bet.  You see someone with a new car/coat/couch/earrings/shirt and you want one too; thats all it was.  I DO have more blessings than I can count, I just got caught up in that materialism.

Am I bored?  No, not really, for sure not lately.  I make myself keep busy with all sorts of different things, from the library to the school to my classes and, of course, my knitting.  I’ve been subbing at the school and from 8-3 I’m there, then at 430-630 I’m working out then shower then dinner then studying.  When am I bored?  When not subbing I can do all the things around the house that need to be done like laundry and hoovering, not to mention regular work at the seaplanes, studying, helping elders, generally getting outside and playign with Sisu, not to mention getting wood with J (its been COLD lately and we are only running heat off the wood stove) and getting ready to apply for a Paramedic training program.  I think that I do more things in a day than most people do and they are all very personal choices.

An aquaintence of mine made the comment that she is one of the few people in town who has a full time job so I had plenty of time to do something for her.  It took all my will power not to turn around and set her straight so let me do it here.  No, I dont work a full time job and guess what?  I am happy about that.  I dont want a full time job nor do I need one to support my lifestyle, habits or desires.  Because of my frugality I can afford to take a year or so without a full time job and do things around town that I actually like doing.  I like having the option to spend my afternoon knitting if I so choose, just like I can go and spend it with elders and help them around their house or spend it playing with Sisu down on the flats.  I can go to the gym from 4:30-6:30.  I can go somewhere and not worry that I have to commute longer than 5 mins of walking time between any two points in town.

Anyway, in response to the emails and comments (more than I chose to keep up), I’m not bored, just caught in materialism for that moment and now I’m free. I miss things about a bigger town but I like the pace here and honestly, I am happy and rarely bored.  Like J would ever let me be otherwise 🙂



  1. want pictures…want pictures…we wanna see what you see…xoxoxox

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