Posted by: SisuGirl | January 22, 2008

Searching for my reward!

Basics of Rewarding a Knitting Fisher:

I’m a knitter.  Ok, so that is a very “Duh!” comment but its true and needed to be stated so the rest of the post makes sense.

I’m not a clothes person or a shoe girl, I have enough of each.  I dont like a lot of smelly things like perfume and bath stuff is, sadly, mostly unusable because I dont have a tub to enjoy bubbles in.  Owning movies doesnt hold appeal to me (I think I have 10 DVD’s and those are ones I have watched so many times I have them memorised), especially with Netflix.  I’m not a computer nerd, gear junkie or a fanatic about anything other than the following three things.

What I do like is good food, books and yarn.  I love to cook and eat and not cooking and eating.  My favourite restaurant while in college was the one that let you grill your own steak and had a salad bar.  I make dinner every night and we rarely eat the exact same meal twice in a month with the exception of Korean style curry which both J and I love.  Here in Pelican though I have no place to eat out so that treat is out of the question.  J can cook but I, and he, would rather I do it.   Getting good ingredients is a challenge with spotty plane service due to poor weather so being exotic with my cooking is also a challenge.  Unfortunately, you are never supposed to use food as a reward for any kind of good behavior so that option is out.

Books are a passion but they can be heavy and unless I really, really love them, I try not to buy any.  I dont want to take up the space in my suitcase of “stuffs” and besides, there is a library less than 750′ down the boardwalk.  There are also other voracious readers in this town (you kind of have to be), and they are more than willing to share their much loved, just read once books with you, provided that you bring them back.  I have no problem with this arrangement and have yet to a) not return a book and b) find and read something that I can live without owning.  So books are now out.

All things fibery, well, I cant live without those.  I love yarn and roving, the patterns used to transform simple string into a garment or accessory, the tools used to make the strands of sheep fuzz into yarn and then turn the miles of yarn into said garments and accessories….everything.  I can justify buying any of it because a) it will turn into something eventually and replace a store bought something thus not taking up suitcase space, b) its entertainment AND function.  Who can say the same about going bowling or to the movies?  Heck, I can even take my knitting there if I want! and c) its pretty AND functional.  How many pairs of cute wool socks would be too many when you spend days in rubber boots?   How can you knock a beautiful wool hat if you can feasibly wear it from August to July, heck all year round here?  How many outdoors-y things are made for men and women are left with either very expensive or very drab/ugly warm/functional/poorly fitting clothes that were originally made for men?  In what other craft do you only need your own two hands, two needles and a mile of string to make something that is perfect for your own body?  Like I need to convince anyone who reads this blog of the passion which is knitting (well, maybe my sister and any other stray muggles that come around).  As a reward, this would be perfect.   But…

I’m on a sock yarn diet.  I have about 24 skeins of lovely sock yarn and I want to make something with each and every skein.  A pair of socks, from each and every skein.  While I love having them all to fondle and admire, I hate that they are sitting in a box.  I want them out and about and admired as the very cool pair of socks that I knit!  So no more sock yarn for a while…at least until I get 20 skeins out of the way.  I dont want to sell them (sacrilege!) or give them away (horror!) so my last option is to knit them up.  This I am OK with.  So no rewarding myself with sock yarn.

Sweater yarn is bought for the entire year already.  I am fully planning that Vail will take me a HUGE chunk of the year and though I have the back done for the Ribby Cardi, there are still the sleeves and both fronts to go.  I cast on for a EZ saddle shoulder seamless sweater and wow, does it take a while to get around 210 stitches.  This too will take a while and then the Simple Cardi will eventually get started, probably once I finish both the RC and the EZ-SSSS.   So no more sweater yarn is needed because I have no more time for sweaters until 2009, maybe 2010!  Needles?  Check, I have the Options and the Harmony DPN set.  Patterns?  Check, I have another year of IK

What is left for a girl to reward herself with?  Give me some help people!  I am making all these changes in my life that I want to stick with because I can already see good changes happening to me.  HELP!!!   I like to travel but is that a sane reward?  Maybe for a final reward but not for the steps along the way.  Just….HELP!



  1. I can’t believe you – look out your window for your reward, open the window-BREATHE! I hate to say it love, but you sound bored! Not unappreciative, just not with any huge mountains to climb(in spite of your surroundings) Your go gettem nature is a bit stifled there, but I can’t think of suggesting one thing because you have so much on your lap already, keeping dog, man and house, using so many skills and polishing others, looking ahead to more learning and new skill sets…you are amazing! Your sock yarn diet makes me laugh – you have seen that accumulated not-used craft items can take over the house -maybe crafters need their own STEP program! Continue to be a blessing to those you come in contact with…exercise off that extra energy! all my luv.

  2. You could always reward your self by finishing my SLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree with MOTHER( did I say that?), you sound SOOOOOOOOO bored!
    I guess I would be too if there wasnt anything to do besides sitting at home and knitting or cleaning or fishing or unloading planes!
    You know…… it is nice to be rewarded with dinner/food out and a movie with your sister. You could always reward yourself by going to visit the kids in Seattle and meeting me there for a week or something??
    love you

  3. I vote for new recipes. I get really bored with the same old same old… and getting a new recipe isn’t like getting a junk-food treat–it can be a healthy recipe! I HEAR YA 110% on feeling bored with the supplies in my pantry–even though I really have about anything I could need or want in there! I just want a night off sometimes…but mom always said a change was as good as a rest, and I guess that’s now new recipes make me feel.
    I’ll bring over the one for the pumpkin muffins. 🙂

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