Posted by: SisuGirl | January 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again

I graduated college in 2004, so why am I taking Anatomy and Physiology this term?  Because, dear reader, I want to get into a Paramedic training program that will not only qualify me as a State of AK Paramedic but also ready me for the National Registry test by making me spend a term out of state.  The program I want into has never not had a Paramedic pass the NR tests and as I did so well on the Basic, I am always up for a challenge!  So I am back in the college saddle and, despite the stress of having to wait for a book and materials and the extortionist prices they charge you for THIS terms copy, of the book ($435….honestly), I am all set and rarin’ to go.  Its a distance class and you only need a mic for asking questions in the lecture if you want to so guess what I will be working on if I’m not taking notes?

Yup, the knitting.  I’ve finished the back of my Ribby cardi and boy, do I love Wool of the Andes.  I soaked it in Soak and then blocked it in the boiler room a few nights ago and right now its trying not to get lost.  I have such a worry that that is exactly what is going to happen because now I have to wait for the KnitPicks order to come in.  4 of us went in on an order and $365 later we are impatiently waiting but between snow, rain and wind, we might not get it in on a plane for a few more weeks.  Good thing my Peace Fleece came though!  I was so surprised that it got here already.  That Kamchatka Seamoss is so beautiful and I have to guard the Lenas Meadow from would-be thieves in the knitting group.  I cant wait to work with it and I think that I may cast on to swatch the KSM tonight.

I’ve got socks going, the first of a pair in the Waterfall colouway from the Woolgirl sock club (1st shipment) done in a simple 2×2 rib and I am still working on the end of the foot, almost to the toe of the first of the last of my personal designed socks for my Mum.  Instead of  Christmas they may be Valentines and hopefully not a Birthday (July) gift!

On a non-knitting, more healthy lifestyle side note, I am spending a lot of time over on  You can create your own workouts, track your progress with healthy changes, log your foods and workouts, read articles.  Lots of fun and helpful things.  I was logging and tracking the “Old fashioned way” with grid paper and a pencil but hey, if you cant use technology for good health, what can you use it for?  I dont use the community support so much as I could, I have Ravelry and my “real” friends for that, but its nice to know its there.  Check it out sometime, you may like it.  I am already a logger/journaler/record keeper on my own and this helps me a lot.  I’ve been working out regularly since October and J says he notices changes and I am too, especially in my jeans!


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