Posted by: SisuGirl | January 12, 2008

1 week down

51 more to go!

In reviewing my knitting year, 2007 was truly fantastic for me. I made 9 pairs of socks, 5 of which live here, 4 pairs were gifts. There were 2 sweaters, both are loved, worn and admired and both are not quite what I hoped they would be. I had fun with felting and made 3 things (2 pairs of mittens, 1 pair of clogs), all from Fiber Trends. Noro and Swish were my friends as I created and made 10 different Stranded hats. I tried an Interweave Knits pattern for the first time with the Syncopated Cap (Loved it! In Sirdal and Cider Moon – Glacier) and branched out from wool and wool/nylon blends and made 2 Angora Toques (sounds nicer than plain ‘ol “hat”) A grand total of 27 projects. You can see them listed on my “2007 completed” page. I will have pictures eventually but I am missing some final pics…Jinny and P, I need yours and Mum, if you can find a digital, I would love a pic of yours too!

Whats on my list for 2008?

First Off (or rather, On the needles): Chic Knits – Ribby Cardi Using Knit Picks – Wool of the Andes – MC: Cerulean CC: Chocolate
Followed by: Dale of Norway – Vail Using Knit Picks – Telemark – MC: Charcoal CC: Cream CC2: Bayberry CC3: Cobalt

Then: Peace Fleece – Everyday Cardigan (Scroll down)- Peace Fleece DK Kamchatka Seamoss (A perfect colour for an Alaskan sweater, even if I dont live near the Kamchatka sea!)

Another Peace Fleece sweater, yet to be created/determined using Peace Fleece WorstedLenas Meadow

I would also like to make the Colette Pullover from Interweave Knits Winter 07 by Veronik Avery, but I may be a bit overwhelmed with the Vail for the rest of the year so I didnt want to buy too much sweater yarn all at once!

Can you sense a theme here? I also have a plan to knit at least 4 pairs of socks. I must knit 4 pairs of socks before I can buy more sock yarn so there is a pressure on me for that! I have 20 skeins of sock yarn in my possession at this very moment but will begin my sock yarn buying fast with 22 because I just had to buy 1 skein of the special CTH DK in the colour Pickle Juice (Its a funny story and I’ll tell you when I start knitting it!) and I have 1 skein left in my Woogirl sock club. One or two of the skeins should go up on Ravelry as a sell but I just love the colours and my yarn so much!

Wish me luck knitting in 2008!



  1. I think you will be sorry over that Collette…its an awful lot of reversed rows and carrying 2 colors…might want to try a square first before buying yarn.

  2. now I am bummed – I came to the site to read about some new adventure and there’s nothing new! Yes, I’m bored today. Hope your day is going well and that you are stimulated into doing something fun-even if its going down to the flats with the dog. Sunny and cold here-the cats are preferring a sunny window these days to actually going out. Sam is back in attack mode so he is over his affliction, another week of anti-bi to go, I wish we could save the stuff for future use, I hate overdoing it for the critters just like with my kids and self. When that wonder bug hits that is impervious to current anti-bi, I wonder who will be left? The kids who fed the fairies playing in the dirt I bet!

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