Posted by: SisuGirl | January 7, 2008

Forgive me sister,

for I have frogged.  The colours were just too pretty to resist  and there was no way I could make myself wait until 2/22 to order and then even longer before starting.

Here’s the deal:  I started your slippers and boy, the colours that I chose for you went together perfectly and it just looked so beautiful that I had to find something that I could knit using the same ones.  I found the perfect sweater too.   Its Ribby Cardi by Chic Knits  and I just love it.  I’d seen it months ago but had decided to put it on hold in 2007 to try in 2008.  Well, its 2008 and with the perfect colours I found for you, I found the perfect colours for me!

But then I found that the shade of blue that I want is out of stock until 2/22.  But if I use the 5 skeins that I already have for your slippers for the back, and order more for the fronts, I can manage to wait….more like it will take me that long to get that far!  I can get the sleeves and back done with and be ready to tackle the fronts (with lots of luck) and if I get thru it fast, I always have something else to knit!   Just right now, I am in a sweater mode and these colours are just too pretty to pass by.

Forgive me, dear sister.  Remember, I did make you a pair of socks this year!  Maybe we can talk about a matching sweater as penance?



  1. why did the pics double up? there are two of everything in the last batch. Not sure she will forgive you stealing her yard – I’m sure a sweater or vest will help smooth the anguish!

  2. What the heck!! I already made a comment and it took it way:(:(:(

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