Posted by: SisuGirl | January 4, 2008

The Picture Post

So I have been promising pictures for a while and finally, finally, I can post them!  First off:

Deer candles

Ever wonder what you can do with all your excess deer fat after butchering?  Only me?  Thats OK cause I made candles!  No, they dont smell like deer, roasts or bacon, in fact, they dont smell to people at all.  They do smell to dogs and cats though so the candles have to live on the top shelf.  When they burn they burn long and strong and still dont smell.  I will be making more of these next year, they were easy and just so darn cool.

I have pictures of the elusive Sisu Deer  and I swear that that picture is too cute to skip and watching deer  that were enthralled with J on a very snowy day when he went deer counting (None were hunted, just counted) and he and S counted 35 deer on the beach!

I  have the traditional Christmas posed picture that I still cant figure out how to flip even though in iPhoto its the right way up…Grrrr.   But that other dog is Koira, my friend who blogs at Brightonwoman‘s dog, who J and I were dog sitting while they had a Christmas down south.  Sisu is getting so big and that beautiful sweater was a gift from J who really hit it out of the park with that one!  Its so soft and warm and the colour is perfect.

Christmas Pose

Of course I will show you the Rogue!  All in all, I do love it.  I dont notice the 3/4sleeves after 5 mins because I normally push my sleeves to that point anyway!  Yarn is Lisa Souza Superwash in the Black-purple colourway and wow, I do love, love it.  More will be made using her yarns.  I wish that it had worked out right but once again I have been thwarted by my swimmers shoulders and longer arms.  My measurements are right on the sweater for the size that I made but sadly, I didnt think that there would be a difference between ME and the pattern.  Considering that its my 2nd sweater, I am still a newbie as far as sweaters go but I have big and better plans for sweaters this year!!

Rogue Final #1!Rogue Final #2!

More on my knitting goals on the next post…with pictures, I promise!!



  1. Hi Tasha!

    Look at your Rogue – beautiful job!! I love the color you chose, perfect. And your sweet Sisu 🙂

    I need to share about your deer candles with my hunting friend – he wants to learn how to tan the hides, I think he will love the idea!

  2. I CANT believe how LONG you hair is!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!
    mine is WAY shorter than yours is for the first time in a long time if ever, and it isn’t that short! :):):):):):):):)
    LOVE you pretty girl!

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