Posted by: SisuGirl | December 30, 2007

I’ve done it

For months this task has been looming.  Every time I looked it just got bigger and bigger, calling me like a siren yet repulsing me all at the same time.  It is such an investment of time and money and looked overpowering while still appealing.  I struggled with the decision to tackle it for months and finally decided that the time was ripe to actually DO something about it.  I didnt want to wait for the traditional “New Year” to make the change.  No, I would rather go into the new year with new practices and goals already started, have the clutter from the last year already cleared out and gone so I can start 2008 with a clean slate.  This is why I cleaned up my knitting area and selected my WIP’s (Works in Progress) from my NIP’s (NOT in Progress) and promptly made the decision then and there to either frog or actively work, hense the reason that I knitted a few scallop shells yesterday…there was no way that shawl would be frogged now!

Anyway, I spent a good deal of yesterday cleaning, both physically and mentally, and there was one last hurdle to leap and now I pat myself on the back for a job, though daunting, was well done and I am happy for it.  A sense of relief and happiness with none of the sadness that usually comes with a time of separation and ending of a relationship.  I had known and almost tasted some of these things for almost a year now but it was just time to let them go and move on with my life.  They weren’t useful to me anymore and, though I know that I may return to them again, it will be in a new year and in a new light.   What was this daunting task?

I emptied my KnitPicks shopping cart…and the “save for later” list too.

But I kept the catalog with all my annotations 🙂



  1. I hope everyone in the world reads your blog – it is so positive and funny – Happy New Year my #1!!

  2. She said IIIIII was her Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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