Posted by: SisuGirl | December 29, 2007


My Rogue…Done, blocked, sewn and smelling sweet!  It looks darn good too 🙂  One sleeve is a little short even though I did it all the same (followed my little change notes too) but gosh does it all look good and feel even better.  The fabric is perfect and I would SO buy more yarn from  Lisa Souza to do any other sweater in the world.  Its a beautiful dark purple with little varigations here and there and defines the cables very nicely.  It is such a great feeling to get a big project done and out of the way, I cant believe the satisfaction.  After all the headaches I have had with this sweater: The wrong size, the missing needles; the beautiful yarn and fantastic pattern more than made up for any stress that I ever was feeling while knitting it.

Any changes?  Yup, I would make the body longer by about 4-5″ and the sleeves longer by about 2″  I know the place that I would do both of those things in the pattern so the alteration would be pretty simple.  I would also use something with a little heavier gauge, a true worsted instead of a aran weight and get gauge with that one.

I am so happy that I finished this sweater that I picked up my Pacific Northwest Shawl and knit 3 scallop shells on it.  Tells you something about my joy, doesnt it!  Maybe that will be the next big thing to get finished 🙂


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