Posted by: SisuGirl | December 23, 2007

The Push

I’m in the final push to get handicrafts made for Christmas gifts and I am so happy to be knitting.  There is so stress for me in this…I am figuring that they will be 3 Kings Day gifts more because of the lack of planes than lack of finished objects.  In my house, the Christmas tree would always stay up until then.  Dont ask about the Christmas lights outside 🙂  Those will remain for a few months at least because really, what is more cheery in the pitch black of 3pm than Christmas lights shining back at you when you come home?  I think I inherited that “leave them up” gene from my Mum.  The lights make me feel so happy and just that little bit of happy glow shining back at you.  It helps me keep the Spirit of Christmas for that much longer and when we are in the bleakness of the winter, even though we are now on the upswing of light, it will make that feeling sweet.


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