Posted by: SisuGirl | December 21, 2007

Been trying

So I’ve been trying to get up some new pictures for what seems like a dogs age.  I want to show off my knitting and some beautiful pictures that J and I took the other day when we went deer counting but I cant.  Every time I try “the connection was reset” because we have been having some really rather crap-tastic weather here in Pelican.  Very cold and today we have freezing rain!  It was a darn good thing that we had a ferry when we did or else the towns Christmas gifts would still be sitting in Juneau.  Granted, there are still some there but C’est la vive and thats what we get for living here 🙂  You wouldnt believe the number of people who complain about the “bad” plane service and honestly, its the people who have lived here the longest that are the worst.  You would think that by their words the plane service doesnt care about them and wants them to suffer cruelly.  The truth is that there is little anyone can do about the weather and 99.9% of them wouldnt get on a plane if it was forced to come in because they would fear for their lives.  So what are they whinging about?  Boredom and the fact that I am an easy target to complain to about it.  Instead of planning ahead, fully knowing the weather here and lack of planes in the winter, they went ahead and waited until the last moment to buy Christmas gifts and groceries and now whine about their children not getting things for Christmas.  Now, two things bother me about this complaint:  1)  I’m the only new person in town who hasnt been here for at least 3 winters and I’ve gotten all my big Christmas gifts and am waiting on one last box from MI and my Mum to stuff stockings a bit more.  We (J and I) can fully wait for that whenever because its already wrapped and it will be fun to open whenever we get it!  2)  Am I missing something here?  When did Christmas become about THINGS anyway?  No one has kids who are small enough to believe in Santa and others are either too small or too big for really understanding the commercialism.  I think the real plus is that each and every child here has been born and raised here for all of their years and fully understand about bad weather and lack of planes.  So now they know that they arent getting any more planes, can they finally be taught about the reason for the season?

Rant over and onto the knitting…I am so glad that I am done with hats.  I have pictures of the last one that I knit as well as a picture of E in the hat that he bought but, again, my connection is being pissy.  I have been splitting my time between slippers and my Rogue with the Rogue being the focus of my knitting days (between non-flying planes).  I really want to be able to wear it on Christmas Eve to the Christmas party  at the Cafe. The couple who owns the Cafe go all out and lay a huge feast for Christmas Eve and invite the whole town.  It goes for hours and its loads of fun, or so I’ve been told.  Since I’ve been working on this sweater since, what?  August?  September?, I figure that its time for it to be done and worn!  I really want to finish it up and I think that as soon as I finish the hood, the sleeves will be a snap.  Hopefully.   So I have to finish the hood tonight, sleeve 1 tomorrow, sleeve 2 the next day so I can seam, wash and block and have it to be worn on the 24th.  Pray for me.


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