Posted by: SisuGirl | December 9, 2007

A very bazaar Saturday

Yesterday was the community bazaar and I have to say that once I got over the stress of, “Oh my gosh, what am I doing here? All my knitting friends were just being nice about wanting a hat and I am never going to sell these.  Look at her tables, she has way more than I do and is charging less and no one is going to buy anything that I made.”  I had fun. 🙂 You cant see them but to the right are photo cards that I made with a not so hot printer (they look pretty good though!) and to the left are peanut butter balls that  I LOVE and just had to get out of my house.  I told everyone that they are calorie free because the chocolate seals them all out.  Silly?  Yes, but I had takers on the samples AND the product.  Set Up

The first person in the door at 11 am was Jill.  She came right over and after oohh-ing and aahh-ing over all the hats promptly chose this one:Jillthe one not knit yet.   Figures.  Thank you JILL!  She wants it in the all-over checkered pattern  and I have until the 17th to knit and line it.  Plenty of time!  It was good that she picked that one too because that meant that nothing really changed on my table and all future comers could see all the done ones.

Next there was Helene and she was very excited to see all the hats and chose her favorite one quickly.  Its the one with the V’s on itHelene in V’s  Now, Louisa really had been eyeballing that one at SnB the other night and was rather disappointed that it was already gone (not 2 min before!) but she was quite happy with her next choice Louisa in heartsof the hat with the hearts on it.

Patty in X’sWas next and though the snagged this hat with the X’s early on to go and try it on, she didnt really tell me she was buying it until later.  She was warm and cozy with it on and forgot until another knitter commented, “Oh, you bought one of Tashas hats too!”  That brought her back to me where I was paid 🙂   There was a bit of a lull as lots of people started having lunch and just visiting but then Martha came thru with her sister and niece and then there was this sale:Martha w hats

Martha bought 2 hats!  One for herself and the other for her nephew for Christmas.  He was eyeballing it earlier and it was just too expensive for him  so when I told her it was prefect because hse hadnt bought him a Christmas gift yet!

The last hat was actually gone by this time and I dont have a  picture of the buyer yet.  He bought it so fast that I couldnt believe it and didnt even know that he was interested.  Granted, he has seen me knitting them for a month now and had plenty of time to know the one he wanted !  Eli, my F-BIL bought the last hat (checkered band one) and I lined it last night.  He was really happy with it too so despite not getting a picture, I am glad.

Oh, and all the peanut butter balls sold out too.  The only thing that didnt sell was the photo cards but I dont feel really bad about that because not many other photos that were avaliable sold either!  J, who blogs at Brightonwoman  and  I shared a table and we had fun together.  There will be more about her later but right now, I have to run because a plane is coming in…our first in a week!!


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