Posted by: SisuGirl | December 6, 2007

Winter Knitty

YAY!  Its up!  I do love knitty for both patterns and the articles but this issue really isnt in my top faves because of two things…Fit and function.  The sweaters for adults just dont appeal to me based on fit shown and the functionality of them as sweaters in a Winter issue of anything.  I dont want to cinch my short-sleeved scoop neck sweater, I dont want a lacy little sweater to wear over my black dress, if I had such a thing and I dont have a place to wear a beautifully cabled, bell sleeved I dont know is its a shrug but it looks like one to me or a sweater that flares out like a babydoll dress.  Dont get me wrong, I DO LIKE the patterns and they do have their place and, sadly, thats not on my body or in Pelican, AK.  Its cold here and I have no place to wear anything fancy.  That lacy sweater might have a place in the future but just not now.

HOWEVER…WOW on the sock patterns…all of them.  I will be knitting the pair with the whales tail pattern out of J.Knits Alaska and the kilt hose will be knit soon too but I just may have to buy the yarn for those 🙂  The kids sweater is beautiful and will be done soon too, if only to add to my future baby knitted things coffers!


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