Posted by: SisuGirl | December 3, 2007

Foray in the Frozen North

Today was the first day of the season that the entire state of Alaska was reporting below freezing temperatures this morning and still at noon most of the state was still extremely low.  Here in Pelican…well, remember this picture from a few days ago?Sea Ice

Nothing compared to today.  See how you can see the sea (ha!) poking thru the ice?  Not possible today.  That spit of land you can see on the right is the breakwater and when I looked at 6am today the entire slough was iced over…and it still is.  I just got back from the general store and a mass amount of the harbor was  iced over still at 2pm.  It is so cold that the only snow we are getting is the little, tiny, hard frozen pellet type snow and we have less than 1/4″ on the ground.  It crunches loudly and squeaks when you walk on it.  It is clear and beautiful though which is also why it is so flippin’ cold!

With the cold has come my cold and I am so not happy about this.  My head is stuffed and my body aches and the number one thing on my shopping list was Theraflu and it was the only thing that spurred me out of doors and away from my toasty fire, cozy couch, warm blanket and knitting.  Because of the cold I just want to sit, lay and sleep but since I cant just sit anymore, I sit and knit 🙂  Another hat is almost done and an Angora hat is next on the list so I can at least have one of those done before the bazaar!  The others may just have to be commission work because I am just about as mad as a hatter over doing all these hats.    I want to work on  my Rogue and socks and just something else …NOW!



  1. I hope you feel better soon. Colds are horrid at this time of year.

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