Posted by: SisuGirl | December 1, 2007


It must be December and getting cold everywhere.  Or people are thinking that they want to see the snow and cold from other places!  I had 86 views of my frosted window picture.  Now, I knew that I loved that picture but I had no idea that you all would love it so much too!    It has been so cold here lately that even the sea is freezing.  Grated, only in the inner part of the harbor and on the tidal flats but still.  This is a picture from right out my windowSea Ice

Yesterday we had a very hard frost and I dont think that it could even be called a frost because it started about 4pm on Thursday, lasted all day Friday and is still hanging on this morning! It looks vicious to me but is so tender and fragile.Nov Frost

Wanna see some knitting? These are the hats that I have been working on so hard.  Hats for saleThe one with the checkerboard pattern is the most recently done and still needs the fleece liner (the black band you can see).  I took them to SnB on Wednesday to sew in the liners and I think that if I have anything left to sell at the bazaar after 10 minuets, I will be incredibly surprised.  From the response I got from the SnB ladies, I am very sure that they will all sell fast.  BTW, I still have this Left before Saturday to do before Saturday…and wash and block and sew in fleece liners…um, yeah.  Any questions as to what I am knitting?  I still have the Rogue and I still love it but between hats, I have no time to knit on something else.

The one break I took from knitting yesterday was to play with my brand-new cookie press (!!!) and make peanut butter balls.  I discovered the joys of a cookie press a few years ago and love the little spritz cookies that I make.  They are perfect with tea and coffee and I really like how small they are.  I can eat one or two and not feel like I over indulged.  The peanut butter balls are a LOT more labour intensive but wow, do they look and taste good!  We used to make them every year at Christmas time in my house and I remember watching Christmas videos and rolling them.  One year, my sister and I were rolling and not really paying attention to the pile on the cookie sheet.  My Mum came into the room and said something like, ‘Is that all you’ve done?’.  We looked at the sheet and saw that barely any were there…but there was a very satisfied Scotty dog sitting behind us licking his chops!  Our dog, Piper, had been sneaking a few each time we put them on the sheet.  He didnt get sick but we were always more careful from then on to put the sheet on the table, not the floor!

This year, no dogs got to sample my peanut butter balls and you can see how sad she looks  Sisu on StairsAnd how neglected.  This is from a hike we took last weekend.  S and J on hike1J had to hold her collar because she was tearing about like a wild thing.  She loves to hike with us and always stays close and always sleeps hard that night!  Here I am on the same hike…Tasha HikeI am nowhere near as, erm, rotund, as I look there.  I’m actually wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt and a wool sweater UNDER that teal coat.  If anyone knows how to rotate that pic, please let me know because its right side up on my camera and pic programs!



  1. The hats are REALLY beautiful!!

  2. Those are some BAD ASS HATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!!

  3. Don’t worry about getting the liners sewn in. I would be happy to help sew in liners on saturday. You just do that knitting part!!

    I am so glad you got a pic of that frost. I meant to and didn’t…so now i would like to steal yours. Do you mind?!

  4. Aren’t you glad that Nana was a knitter? Proof of your English genes showing through – good job on those hats, they are beautiful. I am going to try and e-mail that foto to Kathy K so that she can choose one for Daniel – maybe she can give him the foto for Xmas and you can knit the hat when you have time? How did the PBBalls turn out once you got a good coating? Does J like them? Hope they do well in the show – it sure is fun to share a special treat. Fotos are sensational – I can’t change my desktop fast enough to show off all you have to share…hugs.

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