Posted by: SisuGirl | November 26, 2007

Running the islands

Sadly, I am not the dictator/empress/general all around ruler of an island, rather, I am a hunter(huntress?) and with a bunch of friends, J and I went hunting yesterday.  We “ran the islands” which means that using the skiffs, a bunch of us were dropped off on opposite ends of an island and we would make noise and try to drive off the deer or at least scare them up!!  This normally is a great way to get deer but yesterday it was completely unsuccessful.  We saw lots of sign and prints but no deer…until…J insisted that we (S, C, J and I) go out to Greentop out on the ocean and run a few islands out there.  There were two that he really wanted to run and the 3 of us were agreeable.  There was nothing on the first and we were on the way to the second and I spotted a deer.  We were in the skiff and, of course, no one was ready to shoot.  Because were were on the water, he wasnt scared at all.  I was the only one that saw him for a while but then J saw him too and took a shot.  Somehow, he missed!  The deer dashed behind a tree..sorta.  His head was behind but his butt wasnt!  S blew his deer call and then he could see his antlers (I told them it wasnt a doe(we dont shoot does)!) but couldnt get a clear shot.  J reversed the skiff and then had a clear shot, took it and the buck dropped like a rock.  We, S and I, got up there first and gave thanks to the deer for his life to us and to God for giving us success.  It was a clean shot with no suffering and for that, I am always thankful and its the only way that both J and S will take a shot.   It may seem that we are getting a lot of deer (4, so far) but please keep in mind that we dont buy beef at all and chicken very rarely so this IS our meat.

Because of the hunting, there was very little knitting going on yesterday but I moved like a crazy thing when we got back and have only 6 more rows to go to finish this next hat!  That will make 3 done and 4 more to go before the 8th.  Do you think I can?


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