Posted by: SisuGirl | November 26, 2007


This was Sisus’ title to the post because in a random fit of loviness, she jumped up on my lap with no hesitations and paws went up on the laptop to practice her typing skills.  Not too bad for a 6 month old!

While I am swimming in hats and the yarn I have to knit more hats and I have one sweater on the needles here I am looking at another sweater to start knitting on.  Its Vail by Dale of Norway this one, not the one you can find on…that one is completely different for some reason.  This sweater has appealed to me in ways that I cannot understand and I really, really want to make it.  Honestly, I would make just about any sweater that is shown on the Allegro yarns kits pages so dont tempt me further please.  The only possible downside to making one or all of these sweaters is that they are knit on 3’s.  Yes, 3’s.

Now, I know that The Yarn Harlot did the Hardangervidda for the knitting Olympics back in 2006 (her exploits with the sweater are here), but I have no intention on making this sweater a race or on a deadline.  For me, that is the surest way to quitting anything.   But on 3’s?  I want to knit an adult sized sweater on little 3’s?  There has to be some crazy seeping into the water or else the rain has sent me mad.  Or maybe I just love knitting and cant imagine a better sweater to have and take great pride in.  That or I just break down at the idea of making then steeking a cardigan 🙂  Though Tinde and Sirdal  just make me quiver is a very good way.  Maybe Sirdal instead of Vail….oh gosh, what choices I have!  Or both….

I am thinking about investing in Hauk to make the sweater (either Sirdal or Vail)  and have considered Swish and Telemark too but something is really pulling me towards Hauk.  I think its teh Teflon but, more honestly, I think that I like the idea of knitting with a yarn that has proven itself over time (the pre-Teflon yarn is Helio, DoN’s oldest running yarn) and is known to be long wearing is really the pull.  Swish has pilled on me and, though I have never used Telemark, I just want Hauk!  Mum gifted me with Birthday knitting money back in August so I think that I may have finally found the use for it.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂



  1. MORE PICTURES…more pictures please

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