Posted by: SisuGirl | November 23, 2007

Still Thankful

Its the day after Thanksgiving and I will fully admit to still being very thankful for all the good things in my life…who wouldnt?!?  J and I had our friends and their boys over to share dinner with us and it was fantastic!  The turkey was perfect (if I do say so myself!) and the stuffing and pies and wow…it was all good.  We split the cooking between us and in hindsight that wasnt so good because that meant she was cooking at her house and I at ours and we really didnt get a lot of hanging-out time to share pre-meal but we did make up for it post and the children and adults were thrilled by The Incredibles on NBC last night 🙂

Knitting has been frantic as I realised that there are only 2 full weeks for me to finish 5 more hats to sell at the bazaar.  So my Rogue is now sitting on the side with the hood 1/8th done and will not be able to be worn at the bazaar but that will be OK as long as I have more hats to sell!  Wearing it for Christmas is the ultimate goal so it all evens out in the end.  I’ve found that as long as I change up my patterns for the hats on a regular basis I can actually knit thru them faster that if they were close to the same.  They just keep my attention longer and I love the fact that they are all truly original and not a single one, though the base of Noro might be the same, looks like another.  Granted, none of the duplicate skeins of Noro are anywhere near repeating the same color pattern so that helps a lot!

Between the hats and Rogue, I havent put enough time in on my Mums socks (sorry Mums!) and, considering that I am barely into the gusset decreases on the first socks, they might not be done for Christmas.  BUT, they are very next on my list BEFORE I pick up the Rogue again for Christmas knitting!  The other things that I am knitting as gifts are super fast knits and I am not concerned about getting those done at all.

Still in knitting, I have found some of the very coolest yarn EVER today (surfing while I should have been knitting!).  Its “Hauk” by Dale of Norway.  My search was in a roundabout kind of way because it all started with our dinner guests yesterday.  The father is Norwegian and did a mission in Norway and came back with all kinds of stories and sweaters and now wants his wife to knit something in the Norwegian style of stranding and luckily, she is A)a knitter but very novice and B) is willing to learn.  She is skilled enough that I dont think that stranding would be terribly difficult for her and new enough that she doesnt know that its ‘supposed to be “hard” to do’.  Eitherway, I was looking today for patterns and kits for a Dale sweater/hat/mittens/whathaveyou and found lots that I just wanted to do NOW but I also found one done with the yarn “Hauk”.

Since I have never heard of Hauk before, I looked it up and lo and behold, not only is it a 100% wool yarn but it is also TEFLON coated to make it even more rain, snow and wind resistant.  Um, very, very wow.  Can I remind everyone that I live in a rainforest and the 3 solid months of rain first in the spring and then again in the winter and, of course, those 3 months of rain in the summer and again the fall…yes, I know thats all 12, but, in all honesty, thats truly what it does.  Remember, we were wearing jeans, sweatshirt and hats on the 4th of July this year!  There are a few days every week that there is absolutely no rain but those are few and far between and its more often that we have a span of days where it only rains in the morning or evening.  Either way, the idea of a Teflon coated wool yarn appeals to me in ways that I cannot explain to someone who hasnt lived in the Pacific Northwest for an extended period of time.  If you scan down from this site, you will see the sweater that has grabbed a hold of my attention and isnt letting go!  Its the Wintergarden sweater and I would want to do it in the colours shown, natural and pale blue.  Its also the cheapest that I have found Hauk or any other DoN yarns so that makes it better too!


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