Posted by: SisuGirl | November 12, 2007

For Granted

There are lots of things that I used to take for granted like having syrup for pancakes without having to plan for it a month in advance, having ground beef without having to buy it in bulk 2 months before and having reasonably fresh milk, not powdered.  Those things are ones that you get used to and honestly, I am beginning to like having nutella or peanut butter on my pancakes, ground venison is much healthier than beef and I honestly am starting to like powered milk…if I add a can of evaporated to the 2 quart mixture too.  I used to take mail for granted too but that all stopped when I started to have to rely on planes and good weather to get it.  Mail Order is a god-send though and its always fun and exciting to get boxes in the mail, especially when you have forgotten what you ordered because it now has taken 7 weeks for it to get to you.  I would just about kill for a Canada Dry though.

Speaking of venison being better for you, I have a picture of a deer that J shot on Saturday that should be shared but because of its nature (ha, ha, ha), I wont just post it plainly.  It is only the head and I swear that you cant see ANY blood or ickyness but I didnt want to gross out any of my more animal friendly readers while appealing to my mums hunter co-workers or my sister and her husband!  It is the biggest deer that he has ever gotten and considering the rarity of a blacktail deer with anything more than 2 forks, this is awesome.  We judge the weight at 250 and since J had to pack it down the mountain (3500′) its pretty accurate.  J’s big deer

I am in love with my knitting right now.  My Rogue is coming along beautifully and I cant wait to finish it and wear it!  One thing that I am going to alter on it thus far is the hem for the sleeves.  I’m going to fold it (the biased hem part) under while knitting and knit it into the sleeve, knitting two together instead of waiting until everything is done and sewing the hem under.  I will have to sew the hem under on the bottom and I am so not looking forward to that but this way circumvents the sewing!   The other thing is the shoulders which I am kitchenering instead of binding off and sewing together.  I’d rather get rid of any bulky-ness wherever I can 🙂

The presents for the family are coming along beautifully and so are the hats and this means that Christmas presents and bazzar crafts are coming along brilliantly.   YAY ME!!



  1. I have a suggestion for the bottom of sleeve – if it is stocking stitch, knit down to the turning point for the cuff and then knit a purl row on the right side. When you fold the bottom under, it makes a lovely fold and lays nicely so that the band is reinforced and tailored. That little bit of extra weight makes a crisp finish to the end of the sleeve. Thanx for the foto of the deer- natch nobody is around to see it right now – they’ve all gone HUNTING!!

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