Posted by: SisuGirl | November 10, 2007


There is a baby harbor seal swimming around in our harbor and I actually stood outside in the rain for over half an hour watching the seal catch baby herring and salmon and the gulls enjoying the fact that the seal scares the fishies from below so they can nab them from the top!  The seal is quite round and grey and super cute.  He likes skimming the surface when the rain falls and the water has been so clear and calm, J and I stood and watched him for 10 mins the other night just rolling and diving in the harbor.  He lifts my heart and I can forgive him for eating the baby salmons…they’re just humpies anyway 🙂

Well, I am done with my EMT class and have taken my written test.  I know that I did well on the test and there were only 5 that I didnt like and know right off the bat and those were just a bit trickier.  The hard part will come with the National EMT test that I will take on the 20th.  I am the only one from my class who a)wants to take it and b) was advised to take it by the instructor.  She also encouraged me to further my training and, Oh Yes, I will be.  I loved the class and want to know more.  J took the class with me too (we needed him to be our 6th person) and it was great to have him in the class and have him at home too so we could study together.  We talked a lot after class and discussed techniques and styles and it was fantastic to have someone one at home to talk to after classes and to practice on.  Our practical (hands-on) test is on 11/20 and we are practicing with the other people in the class a few times a week until then.

My knitting has been my time of brain relaxation during the past two weeks.  Actually, I should say that its my spinning that has been the best relaxation time!  My friends spinning wheel has been, well, spinning quite regularly and my hand-spun is getting better and better and I even plied some together on two different occasions!  I plied two hanks of my drop-spindle spun wool and they look beautiful.  I used one section of dyed roving and one of natural in one plying session and one of natural and one of my own beet-dyed spinnings in ply session number 2 and finally, 2 bobbins worth of wheel spun yarn that made a lovely hank of bulky 2 ply that will be potholders once knitted and felted.  Since that takes care of all the fiber spun to date, that means I can begin again tonight while watching the first DVD of P&P (the good BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle)

Actually knitting time has been focused on socks, hats and my Rogue sweater.  I am almost to the shoulders on the Rogue and I LOVE it still.  Though it has taken me over 3 times longer to get to this point AGAIN, I still can profess my love.  The yarn (by Lisa Souza) has held up beautifully and I couldnt be happier with the yarn, pattern or how everything is coming together.



  1. I am sooo jealous of you seeing the wildlife right outside your back door – my only offering is seeing a deer dart across the road by the bridge this morning and seeing a semi-cute small possum ambling thru the back yard last night. I hope you will post a foto of Jamie and his deer- even if it is a partial. The ‘team’ here likes to keep up with your progress. Great job on the class – you go girl, just as far as you can – you will never go wrong with knowing good medical skills.

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