Posted by: SisuGirl | November 5, 2007

One week down

One full week into the EMT-1 course and I still love it! I’ve learned so much and it still interests me more than I can say.

Knitting wise, I’ve finished the first pair of felted clogs and they look beautiful if I do say so myself. I would post a picture for everyone to ogle but they might be seen by the giftee and there would go that Christmas surprise! Just know that if you are family, they might be yours that are done!!

I have an angora hat in the works and have plans for another Noro…but different from the “normal” Fake Isle.



  1. I read your note about re-reading books, does it occur to you that you are leading a life very similar to characters in a book series that you just about wore out???? Little House on the Prairie!!

  2. I am SOOOOOOO glad that you are happy with the EMT class!!
    I have a huge amount of supplies like scissors and cloths and arm boards and bandages and whatnot. Would you like some?? When john and I combined out things we ended up with TONS! Just let me know and I will sent you some treasures 🙂
    Glad you are a happy girl! love you

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