Posted by: SisuGirl | November 2, 2007

big B, little b

Either way, both stand for BUSY.  I have been busy with EMT-1 class and let me tell you, I love it all.  I am learning so much and remembering why I love biology, anatomy and phys and first aid.  There is just something about first aid that makes me rev up and get excited about life and being able to help people.  Granted, as an EMT-1 there is very little you can do to help someone not be in pain but you can do so much with your knowledge that you can cause them not to hurt themselves anymore or be a relief to that pain in a minor way.  The good thing about not being happy with the basic knowledge that I am gaining is that it makes me want to take the EMT-2 class and eventually the Paramedic training too.

When I am not busy in class 10+ hours a day or studying and reviewing for the next day, I am knitting as fast as I can.  I have so much to do and since I realize that its the 2nd of November and the craft market/fair is on the 8th of December, I know that I have less and less time to ready my wares!  My fingers fly while I study and I make good use out of the skill of not having to look while I knit or purl.  Every once in a while I will stop and look down or pull the knitting up from under the table and check but usually, my fingers are dead on and I am good to keep going.  Granted, this is only OK with my straight stockinette, ribbing or garter but at least I can get a few hats thru the ribbing and plain sections before diving into the must-look-at-more-frequently areas of colourwork or cables!  I am also spinning…with a wheel!  My friend S lent me hers and I have been doing a little every night.  Its a Louet s10 and its very easy to use.  I have to practice my drafting a bit differently that I did with the drop spindle and while I was getting some really beautiful, even thin singles with that, I have not progressed past larger very slubby yarn with the wheel as of yet.  Granted, I did ply some of my singles with it and WOW…do they look good.  Hopefully they sell well when I knit them into their intended items too 🙂  Item made from yarn grown, shorn, carded, spun, plied, dyed and knit in Pelican, AK.  How many items do you have that can boast the same?

Pelican continues to be rainy and gray although today has been off and on and more off than on with the showers…its always nice to have a little break!  It was snowing last night/this morning at 3am when I took Sisu out/she woke me up, but nothing has stuck lower than 1000′.


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