Posted by: SisuGirl | October 28, 2007


I love re-reading books. My copy(ies) of “To the Hilt” by Dick Francis have all been well loved (I’m on my 3rd copy) and though my copy of Jurassic Park has yet to be replaced, it is sorely missed and the library would like to have someone ELSE be able to check it out one of these months. I give them a week lag time between checkouts, more than enough time! I have read the Little House series so many times that the covers are falling off my copies at home and I have checked them all out at least twice each from the library here. Cave Bear series by Auel is the same way, as is the Redwall series by Jacques My family cant understand why I do this because “You know what will happen!” but to me, thats part of the appeal. You know what will happen and it is a comforter. I can open these books to any page and know the story up to then and after. Its like watching a movie over and over. I fully admit to knowing Finding Nemo by heart. It comes from working with children and just plain loving that movie.  Why talk about re-reading on a knitting blog?  Because I just finished being laughed at by the volunteer librarian sub for being the only person on the checkout card of a book and having to start a new card.  It sat before I borrowed it the first time, sat all winter and for the months that I was our fishing without ANYONE else checking it out.  Sad but true.  The book?  The Tightwad Gazette.  Its a fantastic collection about saving money and savings ideas without making yourself or your family “poor”.

I have tried for the past 3 days to post this post without luck so I am taking advantage of the quiet time here on Sunday morning when I am the only one awake and finishing my thoughts!  Even Sisu is sleeping again on the couch as she is not a morning dog like her Mum and strangely, she is not a night dog like her Dad either…more of a noon energy dog 🙂   Anyway, this week was an excellent mail week for me.  Highly concentrated around one day, I received 3  boxes in one day!  One from my Mum and sister, one from KnitPicks and one from my eye doctor.  I cant tell you all how excited I was.  I knew that the box from my Mum and sister would be good but it was perfect.  The Knitpicks was chock full of everything that I need for Christmas gifts and for 2 swatches and then the eye doctor sent me my first new pair of glasses in about 7 years and I DONT look like a bug!  Yay!  See?  dsc_1271.jpg

You can also see the closeup of Sisu in her new sweatshirt, Love Cookies, my swatch yarn and Christmas-yarn-to-be-gifts
Dont peek at the yarn if you expect a Christmas gift from me…you will spoil your own surprise!!

So I am busy at work knitting that mass o’ yarn into tangable Christmas gifts for loved ones and am happy to do so.  I have worn glasses now for more hours in the past 4 days than I have all year long and loving giving my eyes a break from contacts while still being able to see clearly.  In fact, I can see better than with my original contacts because my eyes changed (always for the worse) and my glasses reflect my new prescription.  Though they are not the ones I asked for (purple around edges instead of pink), I love them and am perfectly happy.



  1. You look so cute in your new glasses, very co-ordinated in your shirt and crocs! How long your hair has gotten too- it will keep your ears warm this winter. I spent Sat out in a lovely drizzle – I got soaked trimming trees but loved every minute as I was bundles up in a long sleeve shirt and warm jacket..I think I am PNW/England blooded so deeply that I love that environment, it feels so good to breathe that moist cool air. Sunday was 60 and sunny/breezy so I trimmed some more and built up a huge debris pile. Since there is no production on my shift this week, I am hoping to do a couple of half days at least and go home to do some burning, I cant have that whole pile sit all winter when the rest of the yard looks so nice. I cant believe how much new growth I have cut off from this year. It will be so much better for the trees not to be broken and burdened with snow and ice. I am waiting for my own delivery-my water crock. That little battery operated pump is a bit weary and I hate buying batteries-gravity is much better 🙂 The guys at work were looking at your pics and are so very jealous of you and J being ‘out there’ really living. They all asked why I was still here!Not sure why myself…

  2. Funny timing. I just started rereading Outlander. I read it almost 10 years ago and while I remember the generic story line, I had forgotten almost all the details.

  3. You look great in your glasses,and you know it’s always a good day when yarn arrives 🙂
    It looks so cold outside your window….I don’t even want to know the temp.

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