Posted by: SisuGirl | October 23, 2007

Calling all Dog-mommies

How much did ya’ll freak out the first time you noticed that your puppy was losing their baby teeth?  I wasnt too bad because I had read that dogs can lose their teeth over a while as puppies and often swallow them without harm to their innards.  I say that I “wasnt” too bad because just now, I freaked out over Sisu losing a molar and then playing with it on the floor.  My baby is growing up!  She is about double her arrival size and still as sweet and perfect as ever.  Today, we were accident free, a darn good thing too as I will be starting EMT training on Monday and need her to be able to stay in the house for about 5 hours without puddles.  I think that with a good walk in the morning after breakfast, a good one at lunch and lots of love in the evening, she should be all good.

Knitting is on hold for today as I sliced the heck out of my right index finger while making a fruit salad this afternoon.



  1. Good luck with EMT class. It is worth the effort.

  2. I still have one of the baby teeth of our now 13 year old dog. It was cool to watch how his teeth spread farther and farther apart before they fell out. Good luck with the training.

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